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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011FPGA-Based Control Architecture Integration for Multiple-Axis Tracking Motion SystemsNguyen Khanh, Q; Kung, Y; Ha, QP; Matsuno, F; Sasaki, M
Jan-2012FPGA-based cooperative control of indoor multiple robotsHa, QP; Yu, Y; Nguyen, QK
Jan-2012FPGA-Based Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Sensorless PMSM DriveNguyen, QK; Nguyen Dinh, T; Nguyen, QH; Ha, QP; Choi, HR; Chong, NY
Jan-2010FPGA-Based Relative Distance Estimation for Indoor Robot Control Using Monocular Digital CameraYu, Y; Vo-Ky, C; Kodagoda, S; Ha, QP
Jan-2012FPGA-based Sensorless PMSM Drive using Reduced-Order Extended Kalman FilterNguyen, QK; Nguyen, HT; Hunter, G; Ha, QP; Truong, NV; Vo, BN
24-Aug-2015FPGA-Based Sensorless PMSM Speed Control using Adaptive Extended Kalman FilterNguyen, QK; Tung, DD; Ha, QP
1-Dec-2014FPGA-based sensorless PMSM speed control using reduced-order extended kalman filtersQuang, NK; Hieu, NT; Ha, QP
Jan-2010FPGA-Based Ubiquitous Computing Intelligence for Robotic Formation ControlYu, Y; Kodagoda, S; Ha, QP; Technical Committee
Jan-2007Fractal Algorithm for Finding Global Optimal SolutionSong, J; He, S; Qian, F; Tien, D; Shi, G; Wang, G
Jan-1991A Fractal Concept used in Time of Concentration EstimatesAron, G; Ball, JE; Smith, TA
Jan-2010Fractal feature of sEMG from flexor digitorum superficialis muscle correlated with levels of contraction during low-level finger flexionsArjunan, S; Kumar, DK; Naik, G; NA
Jan-2005Fractal image compression on a pseudo spiral architectureWang, H; Wang, M; Hintz, TB; He, S; Wu, Q; Estivill-Castro, V
Jan-2008Fractal Image Compression on Hexagonal StructureWang, H; He, S; Hintz, TB; Wu, Q
2008Fractal image compression on spiral architectureWang, Huaqing
Jan-2006Fractal image compression on spiral architectureHe, S; Wang, H; Wu, Q; Hintz, TB; Hur, N; banissi, E; sarfraz, M; Huang, M; Wu, Q
Jan-2012Fractal market timeMcCulloch, JD
Jan-2004Fractalkine/CX(3)CL1 production by human airway smooth muscle cells: induction by IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha and regulation by TGF-beta and corticosteroidsSukkar, M; Issa, R; Xie, S; Oltmanns, U; Newton, R; Chung, K
1-Aug-2017Fractals based multi-oriented text detection system for recognition in mobile video imagesShivakumara, P; Wu, L; Lu, T; Tan, CL; Blumenstein, M; Anami, BS
Jan-2011Fraction images for monitoring intra-annual phenology of different vegetation physiognomies in AmazoniaAnderson, LO; Arageo, LE; Shimabukuro, YE; Almeida, S; Huete, A
Jan-2013The Fractional Clifford-Fourier KernelCraddock, MJ; Hogan, J