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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Evaluation Framework for Translational Research: Case Study of Australia's Get Healthy Information and Coaching ServiceĀ®O'Hara, B; Bauman, AE; Eakin, E; King, L; Haas, MR; Allman-Farinelli, MA; Owen, N; Cardona-Morrell, M; Farrell, L; Milat, AJ; Phongsavan, P
Jan-2006Evaluation in Media DiscourseBednarek, MA
8-Apr-2014Evaluation in Public Art: The Light Logic ExhibitionAlarcon-Diaz, X; Askaroff, K; Candy, L; Edmonds, EA; Faram, J; Hobson, G; Candy, L; Ferguson, S
Jan-2006Evaluation of 5-Methylthioninhydrin for the Detection of Fingermarks on Porous Surfaces and ComparisonWallace; Kunkel, CS; Lennard, CJ; Stoilovic, M; Roux, CP
Jan-2007Evaluation of a 1,2-Indanedione Formulation Containing Zinc Chloride for Improved Fingermark Detection on PaperStoilovic, M; Lennard, CJ; Wallace; Kunkel, CS; Roux, CP
2007Evaluation of a 12Indanedione Formulation Containing Zinc Chloride for Improved Fingermark Detection on PaperStoilovic, M; Lennard, C; Wallace, -; Roux, C
Jan-2013Evaluation of a brief educational intervention to improve knowledge of sublingual nitroglycerin in cardiac rehabilitation patientsGallagher, RD; Belshaw, J; Kirkness, A; warrington, D; Sadler, L; Roach, K
16-Dec-2011Evaluation of a class of improved DTC method applied in DFIG for wind energy applicationsZhang, Y; Li, Z; Wang, T; Xu, W; Zhu, J
Jan-2011Evaluation of a critical care simulation series for undergraduate nursing studentsMould, J; White, HL; Gallagher, RD
2016Evaluation of a Culturally Tailored Education to Promote Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Among Chinese-Australian WomenKwok, C; Lim, D
Jul-2013Evaluation of a flexible acute admission unit: effects on transfers to other hospitals and patient throughput times.van der Linden, C; Lucas, C; van der Linden, N; Lindeboom, R
Jan-2006An evaluation of a formal professional examination in adult continuing educationAthanasou, J
Jan-2011Evaluation of a hybrid system of admixture and fibre for development of shrinkage resistant cement-based materialHamedanimojarrad, P; Ray, AS; Adam, G; Thomas, P; Vessalas, K; Khrapko, M; Wallevik, O
Jan-2009Evaluation of a magnetic near field scannerSmart, K; Aubrey, TA; LI, JLW; Singapore, NUO; Singapore
Jan-2006Evaluation of a model of nursing care for older patients using participatory action research in an acute medical wardGlasson, J; Chang, E; Chenoweth, L; Hancock, K; Hall, T; Hill-murray, F; Collier, L
Jan-2008Evaluation of a novel sponge-submerged membrane bioreactor (SSMBR) for sustainable water reclamationNgo, H; Guo, W; Xing, W
2009An evaluation of a person-centred approach to care of older people with cognitive impairment and disturbed behaviour in the acute care setting using action researchPoole, JL
Jan-2008Evaluation Of A Pharmacist-Led, Medicines Education Program For Aboriginal Health WorkersMcrae, M; Taylor, S; Swain, L; Sheldrake, C
2004Evaluation of a program implemented to reduce surgical wound infection in an acute care hospital in India : a clinical practice improvement projectAncheril, Alphonsa Sr
2010Evaluation of a psychosocial education program developed for families with congenital adrenal hyperplasiaMitchelhill, I