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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009High-temperature thermal destruction of poultry derived wastes for energy recovery in AustraliaFlorin, N; Maddocks, A; Wood, S; Harris, AT
Jan-2009High-value niche production: what Australian wineries might learn from a Bordeaux first growthAylward, DK; Carey, G
Jan-2012High-voltage power supplies to capillary and microchip electrophoresisBlanes, L; Tomazelli Coltro, WK; Saito, RM; Van Gramberg, AA; do Lago, CL; Doble, PA
2016Higher Order Plasmonic Modes Excited in Ag Triangular Nanoplates by an Electron BeamKeast, VJ; Walhout, CJ; Pedersen, T; Shahcheraghi, N; Cortie, MB; Mitchell, DRG
Jan-2009Higher order prediction for sub-pixel motion estimationMudugamuwa, D; He, S; Ahn, C; Yang, J; al, LKE
Jan-2009Higher taxa are effective surrogates for species in the selection of conservation reserves in estuariesShokri, MR; Gladstone, W
Jan-2012Higher unprocessed red meat, chicken and fish intake is associated with a higher vegetable intakein mid-age non-vegetarian womenJenkins, L; Mcevoy, M; Patterson, A; Sibbritt, D
Jan-2009Highest density difference region estimation with application to flow cytometric dataDuong, T; Koch, I; Wand, M
Jan-2010Highlighting in Information Visualization: A SurveyLiang, J; Huang, M; Banissi, E; al, E
Jan-2014Highlighting in Visual Data AnalyticsHuang, M; Liang, J; Huang, W; Huang; Lin, M; Weidong, H
Jan-2008Highlighting The Issues In Making An Informed Interaction-based Decision In Industrial EcosystemsHussain, O; Dillon, TS; Chang, E; Hussain, FK; N/A
Jan-2004A Highly Accurate Algorithm for the Estimation of the Frequency of a Complex Exponential in Additive Gaussian NoiseReisenfeld, S; Kennedy, R; Grant, A
Jan-2004A Highly Accurate DFT-based Complex Exponential Phase EstimatorTsui, J; Reisenfeld, S; Beata; Wysocki, J; Wysocki, TA
Jan-2006A Highly Accurate DTF-Based Parameter Estimator for Complex ExponentialTsui, J; Reisenfeld, S
Jan-2006Highly accurate modelling of generalised defect modes in photonic crystals using the fictitious source superposition methodBotten, LC; Dossou, KB; Wilcox, S; McPhedran, RC; de Sterke, CM; Nicorovici, NA; Asatryan, AA
Jan-2013A highly adjustable magnetorheological elastomer base isolator for applications of real-time adaptive controlLi, Y; Li, J; Tian, T; Li, W
Jan-2013Highly dynamic cellular-level response of symbiotic coral to a sudden increase in environmental nitrogen.Kopp, C; Pernice, M; Domart-Coulon, I; Djediat, C; Spangenberg, JE; Alexander, DT; Hignette, M; Meziane, T; Meibom, A
Jan-2009Highly efficient and large-scale synthesis of graphene by electrolytic exfoliationWang, G; Wang, B; Park, J; Wang, Y; Sun, B; Yao, J
2005Highly efficient wide-angle transmission into uniform rod-type photonic crystalsWhite, T; De Sterke, C; McPhedran, R; Botten, L
Jan-2009Highly flexible and bendable free-standing thin film polymer for battery applicationWang, J; Chou, SL; Liu, H; Wang, G; Zhang, C; Chew, SY; Liu, H