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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Exercising long-term : adherence to novel training modalities in older Australians - effects on strength, balance and functional capacityAbela, MRL
Jan-2012Exergames for the elderly: towards an embedded Kinect-based clinical test of falls riskGarcia Marin, JA; Navarro, KF; Schoene, D; Smith, S; Pisan, Y
Jan-2009Exhalation of Respiratory Viruses by Breathing, Coughing, and TalkingStelzer-braid, S; Oliver, BG; Blazey, A; Argent, E; Newsome, T; Rawlinson, W; Tovey, E
Jan-2012Exhaust Heat Energy Recovery Through Use of Absorption Cooling of Internal Combustion Engine Intake AirMcCarthy, TJ; Madadnia, J; Lee, J; Hogan, R; Mitra, S
Jan-2007An Exhibit Calculated to Elevate and Ennoble: Celebration and suppression of natural landscape in nineteenth-century urban visions of SydneyOrr, K; Loo, S; Bartsch, K
Jan-2005Exhibiting: Wonders of the world on showGibson, RJ; Davison, G; Webber, K
Jan-2006Exhibition reviews, artist profiles and interviews (2006-2009)Smith, A
Jan-2004The Exigencies of Metropolitan water and sewerage provision since modernism: Environmental crises, fiscal ideology and the Sydney Water BoardSearle, GH; Guardia, M; Monicus, P
Jan-2006Exile and stasis in Heiner Müller's Medea adaptationLu, Y
Jan-2006Exile, Memory and exclusion in Contemporary France in Dalila Kerchouche's Mon pere ce harkiMcCormack, J
Jan-2005Exiled by Definition: The Salar and Economic Activism in Northwest ChinaGoodman, DS
Jan-2010Exiled Writers, Human Rights, and Social Advocacy Movements in Australia: A Critical Fugal AnalysisSkilbeck, R
Jan-2009Existence and uniqueness in Cournot models with cost externalitiesChiarella, C; Szidarovsky, F
2014The existence of leadership as phenomenaSimpson, RP
Jan-2005The Existence Of Quantum Entanglement CatalystsSun, X; Duan, R; Ying, M
Jan-2008Existence Of Universal EntanglerChen, JF; Duan, R; Ji, Z; Ying, M; Yu, JX
1-Jan-2012Exit humidity of wet scrubbers for underground coal minesSitu, R; Brown, RJ; Wang, H; Surawski, N; Ristovski, ZD
Jan-2006Exit interviews: strategic tool or deceptive process?Johns, RE; Kennedy, J; Di Milia, L
1-Jan-2016Exo-Autoethnography and the Trauma NarrativeDenejkina, A
11-Sep-2017Exo-Autoethnography: An IntroductionDenejkina, A