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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014Exploration on Continuous Gaussian Process Frontier MapsGhaffari Jadidi, M; Valls Miro, J; Valencia, R; Andrade-Cetto, J
2014Exploration on efficient similar sentences extractionGu, Y; Yang, Z; Xu, G; Nakano, M; Toyoda, M; Kitsuregawa, M
Jan-2013Exploration using an Information-Based Reaction-Diffusion ProcessGhaffari Jadidi, M; Valls Miro, J; Valencia, R; Andrade-Cetto, J; Dissanayake, G; Jayantha Katupitiya
Jan-2002Explorations in Art and TechnologyEdmonds, EA; Candy, L
Jan-2008Explorations of affective literacy amongst middle school English teachersCole, DR
Jan-2010Explorations of Visual Representation: Towards a Language of MovementBowman, CP; Funke, J; Riekeles, S; Broeckmann, A
Jan-1991An explorative qualitative analysis of participants' experience of using kava versus placebo in an RCT.Sarris, J; Adams, J; Kavanagh, D
1-Jan-2016An explorative study into the mechanics of projectile impacts to the headStone, BW; Halkon, BJ; Harland, AR
Jan-2011Exploratory analysis of cell-based screening data for phenotype identification in drug-siRNA study.Tjhi, WC; Lee, KK; Hung, T; Tsang, IW; Ong, YS; Bard, F; Racine, V
Jan-2001An Exploratory Analysis of the Effect of Numbers of Choice Sets in Designed Choice Experiments: an Airline Choice ApplicationHensher, D; Stopher, PR; Louviere, JJ
Jan-2007An exploratory cognitive business intelligence systemNiu, L; Lu, J; Chew, EK; Zhang, G; al, ABE
Jan-2004An exploratory evaluation of APSIM to simulate growth and yield processes for winter cereals in rotation systems in South AustraliaYunusa, IA; Bellotti, WD; Moore, AD; Probert, ME; Baldock, JA; Miyan, SM
Jan-2011Exploratory Modeling for Complex ProcessesMir, S; Xie, Y; Chunxiao, X
Jul-2015Exploratory Product Image Search With Circle-to-Search InteractionLu, S; Mei, T; Wang, J; Zhang, J; Wang, Z; Li, S
2008Exploratory Sound Analysis: Sonifying data about soundFerguson, S; Cabrera, D; SUSINI, P; WARUSFEL, O
Jan-2005An exploratory study of Australian operations budget practiceSivabalan, P; Malmi, T; Brown, DA; Matolcsy, ZP; Faff, R
Jan-2006An exploratory study of complementary and alternative medicine in hospital midwifery: Models of care and professional struggleAdams, J
Jan-2009An exploratory study of operational reasons to budgetSivabalan, P; Booth, PJ; Malmi, T; Brown, DA
2003An Exploratory Study of Software Review in PracticeWong, Y; Kocaoglu, D; Anderson, T
2012An exploratory study of the financial and business advisory needs of small and micro enterprises in FijiNair, R; Chelliah, J; Wenchang Fang