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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005The HIPASS catalogue - III. Optical counterparts and isolated dark galaxiesDoyle, MT; Drinkwater, MJ; Rohde, DJ; Pimbblet, KA; Read, M; Meyer, MJ; Zwaan, MA; Ryan-Weber, E; Stevens, J; Koribalski, BS; Webster, RL; Staveley-Smith, L; Barnes, DG; Howlett, M; Kilborn, VA; Waugh, M; Pierce, MJ; Bhathal, R; de Blok, WJ; Disney, MJ; Ekers, RD; Freeman, KC; Garcia, DA; Gibson, BK; Harnett, JI; Henning, TA; Jerjen, H; Kesteven, MJ; Knezek, PM; Mader, S; Marquarding, M; Minchin, RF; O'Brien, J; Oosterloo, T; Price, RM; Putman, ME; Ryder, SD; Sadler, EM; Stewart, IM; Stootman, F; Wright, AE
1-Dec-2016Hired guns: Local government mergers in New South Wales and the KPMG modelling reportDrew, J; Dollery, BE
Jan-2001Hispanophone LiteraturesAllatson, P; Hawley, JC
Jan-2010Histogram-Based Training Initialisation of Hidden Markov Models for Human Action RecognitionMoghaddam, Z; Piccardi, M; Technical Committee
Jan-2009Histone Acetylation, VERNALIZATION INSENSITIVE 3, FLOWERING LOCUS C, and the Vernalization ResponseBond, D; Dennis, ES; Pogson, B; Finnegan, E
Sep-2011A Histopathological Study of Bulbar Conjunctival Flaps Occurring in 2 Contact Lens WearersMarkoulli, M; Francis, IC; Yong, J; Jalbert, I; Carnt, N; Cole, N; Papas, E
Jan-2011Historic and Environmental Significance of Ecological Communities in NSW, AustraliaHazelton, PA; Clements, A
2007Historic Houses TrustHeffer, C
Jan-2007Historic waterfronts as tourism precincts: an experiental perspectiveGriffin, T; Hayllar, BR
17-Aug-2016An historical document analysis of the introduction of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative into the Australian setting.Atchan, M; Davis, D; Foureur, M
Jan-2011Historical musings about popular education in AustraliaFlowers, R
Jan-2003The Historical Novel in AustraliaFalconer, DC; Peter Craven
Jan-2012An Historical Overview Of Aboriginal Education Policies in The Australian ContextBurridge, N; Chodkiewicz, AK; Burridge, N; Whalen, F; Vaughan, K
Jan-2012A Historical Perspective: Education, Licensing and Consumer Protection in Construction and PropertyAntoniades, H; Forsythe, PJ; Gómez Chova, L; López Martínez, A; Candel Torres, I
Jan-2002Historical pollution variability from abandoned mine sites, Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, NSW AustraliaHarrison, J; Heijnis, H; Caprarelli, G
Jan-2012A Historical Probability Based Noise Generation Strategy For Privacy Protection In Cloud ComputingZhang, G; Yang, YL; Chen, JF
Jan-2007Historicising Whiteness: Captain Cook Possesses AustraliaSchlunke, K; Boucher, L; Carey, J; Ellinghaus, K
Jan-2012The Histories and Cultures of Evidence Utilisation: The Cases of Medical Oncology and HaematologyBroom, A; Adams, J; Broom, A; Adams, J
2011The history and development of mathematics examinations in New South Wales at the end of secondary schooling between 1788 and 2010Curtis, SA
Jan-2012History and governmentality in the Australian citizenship testChisari, M