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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Apr-2015Enterprise Connect (2011), Creative Industries Innovation Centre, leaflet produced by Enterprise Connect, Australian GovernmentEnterprise Connect; Eskimo Design; AT&M Integrated Marketing
8-Apr-2015Enterprise Connect (2013), Printing Industry Insight Report, prepared by Enterprise Connect, Australian Government, SydneyEnterprise Connect
8-Apr-2015Enterprise Connect - Design Integration Program - Client Journey - BranachMike Walsh (CEO, Branach)
8-Apr-2015Enterprise Connect - Design Integration Program - Client Journey - EnwareAdam Degnan (Managing Director, Enware Australia Pty Ltd); Mark Armstrong (Director, Blue Sky & Professor, Monash University),
8-Apr-2015Enterprise Connect - Design Integration Program - Client Journey - Rossi BootsDean Rossiter (Chairman of the Board, Rossi Boots); Neville Hayward (Chief Executive Officer, Rossi Boots).
8-Apr-2015Enterprise Connect Design Integration PilotEnterprise Connect
8-Apr-2015Enterprise Connect Design Integration ProgramEnterprise Connect
Jan-2009Enterprise Creativity and innovationMooney, GR
Jan-2007Enterprise integration strategy of interoperabilityWu, RC; Lu, J; Fukuda, T; Sobh, T; Elleithy, K
Jan-2006Enterprise SOA: What are the benefits and challengesFeuerlicht, G; Pour, J; Vorisek, J
2013Enterprise strategy requirements engineering framework : towards completeness of system requirementsBabar, AR
5-Mar-2018An enterprising Phoenix: Materiality Affect and LearningRooney, D; Manidis, M; Price, OM; Scheeres, H
2015Entertaining Possession; Re-Enacting Cook's Arrival for the QueenSchlunke, K; Darian-Smith, K; Edmonds, P
2014Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2014 - 13th International Conference, ICEC 2014, Sydney, Australia, October 1-3, 2014. ProceedingsPisan, Y; Sgouros, NM; Marsh, T
12-Jul-2011Entertainment Industries at University: Designing a CurriculumMcKee, A; Collis, C; Hamley, B
Jan-2010Entertainment Industries At University: Designing A CurriculumCollis, C; McKee, A; Hamley, B
2015Entrepreneurial Imagination and a Demand and Supply-side Perspective on the MNE and Cross-border OrganizationJones, G; Pitelis, C
Jan-2002Entrepreneurial Intervention in an Electronic Market PlaceDebenham, JK; Hendtlass, T
Jan-2011Entrepreneurial Learning in Thai EnclavesWang, KY; Chelliah, J; Kitvorametha, C; Wenchang, F
9-Jun-2015The entrepreneurial middle ground: Higher education entry decisions of aspiring entrepreneursPugalis, L; Round, A; Blackwood, T; Hatt, L