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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013The Evolution of a Coopeative Approach to Government Travel Advisories in Australia between the Travel Industry and the Australian depertment of Foreign Affairs and TradeBeirman, D; NA
Jan-1997Evolution Of A Homopurine-Homopyrimidine Pentanucleotide Repeat Sequence Upstream Of The Human Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase GeneXu, W; Liu, L; Emson, P; Harrington, C; Charles, IG
Oct-2013The evolution of autotrophy in relation to phosphorus requirement.Raven, JA
Jan-2008The Evolution of Class 1 Integrons and the Rise of Antibiotic ResistanceGillings, M; Boucher, Y; Labbate, M; Holmes, AJ; Krishnan, S; Holley, MP; Stokes, H
14-Nov-2014Evolution of context dependent regulation by expansion of feast/famine regulatory proteins.Plaisier, CL; Lo, FY; Ashworth, J; Brooks, AN; Beer, KD; Kaur, A; Pan, M; Reiss, DJ; Facciotti, MT; Baliga, NS
Jan-2014The Evolution of Corporate Governance in Japan: The Continuing Relevance of Berle and MeansSeki, T; Clarke, T
2005An evolution of day surgery nursing : an action research process to improve the principles of care for people having complex day surgeryBothe, Janine
Jan-2007The evolution of directors duties bridging the divide between corporate governance and corporate social responsibilityClarke, T
1-Mar-2014Evolution of epitaxial graphene layers on 3C SiC/Si (1 1 1) as a function of annealing temperature in UHVGupta, B; Notarianni, M; Mishra, N; Shafiei, M; Iacopi, F; Motta, N
25-Feb-2016The evolution of green leases: towards inter-organizational environmental governanceJanda, KB; Bright, S; Patrick, J; Wilkinson, S; Dixon, TJ
2-Mar-2016"The evolution of green leases: towards inter-organizational environmental governance"Wilkinson, SJ; Bright, S; Dixon, T; Janda, K; Patrick, J; Lorch, R
Jan-2006Evolution of international stock and bond market integration: Influence of the European Monetary UnionKim, S; Moshirian, F; Wu, E
Jan-2006The evolution of IS: Treasury decision support & management past, present & futureKarol, A; Williams, M; Elliot, S; Avison, D; Elliot, S; Krogstie, J; PriesHeje, J
Jan-2007The Evolution of KDD: Towards Domain-Driven Data MiningCao, L; Zhang, C
Jan-2012Evolution of market heuristicAnufriev, M; Hommes, C
Jan-2004Evolution of networks and cognitive balanceYoung, LC; Wilkinson, I; -
2008Evolution of new media technologies : developing design parameters for a digital media centre for the Beijing Olympic Games 2008Chau, M
25-Mar-2014The evolution of nursing in Australian general practice: a comparative analysis of workforce surveys ten years on.Halcomb, EJ; Salamonson, Y; Davidson, PM; Kaur, R; Young, SA
Jan-2013Evolution of palliative care in Australia 1973-2013Currow, D; Phillips, JL
Jan-2011Evolution of plasmonic response in growing silver thin films with pre-percolation non-local conduction and emittance dropEarp, AA; Smith, G