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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Human Health And Climate Change: Leverage Points For Adaptation In Urban EnvironmentsProust, K; Newell, B; Brown, H; Capon, A; Browne, C; Burton, A; Dixon, J; Mu, L; Zarafu, ME
Jan-2006Human impacts on seagrasses: Eutrophication, sedimentation and contaminationRalph, PJ; Tomasko, D; Moore, KA; Seddon, S; Macinnis-Ng, CM; Larkum, AWD; Orth, RJ; Duarte, CM
2007Human interaction in project managementNugapitiya, MB
Jan-2005Human macrophages limit oxidation products in low density lipoprotein.Hultén, LM; Ullström, C; Krettek, A; van Reyk, D; Marklund, SL; Dahlgren, C; Wiklund, O
Jan-2012Human motivation principles and human factors for virtual communitiesEsfijani, A; Hussain, FK; Chang, E; Helfert, M; Martins, MJ; Cordeiro, J
2009Human movement as a framework for developing computational representations of interactionsDeray, K
Jan-2014Human nature, identity, and motivationMenzies, GD; Hay, D; Paul Oslington
Jan-2006Human osteoclasts behaviour on sol-gel derived carbonate hydroxyapatite coatings on anodized titanium alloy substratesRamaswamy, Y; Ben-Nissan, B; Roest, RS; Haynes, D; Zreiqat, H
Jan-2006Human papillomavirus in the oral cavity of patients with and without renal transplantationRose, B; Wilkins, D; Li, W; Tran, NT; Thompson, C; Cossart, Y; Mcgeechan, K; O'Brien, C; Eris, J
Jan-2012Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Intention among Young Women in ThailandJuntasopeepun, P; Davidson, PM; Suwan, N; Phianmongkhol, Y; Srisomboon, J
2014The human Piwi protein Hiwi2 associates with tRNA-derived piRNAs in somatic cellsKeam, SP; Young, PE; McCorkindale, AL; Dang, THY; Clancy, JL; Humphreys, DT; Preiss, T; Hutvagner, G; Martin, DIK; Cropley, JE; Suter, CM
Jan-2004Human resource management in high performance organisation: The case of ING DirectBenveniste, J; Dunford, R; Palmer, IC; Elkin, G
Jan-2004Human resource management in sport organisations: approaches to paid and volunteer staffTaylor, TL; Ho, CY; Elkin, G
3-Dec-2014Human resource management of Indian call centre representatives.Teo, S; Anathram, S; Connell, JA; Bish, A
Jan-2007Human Resource Practitioners' Perceived Usefulness of the Exit Interview ProcessJohns, RE; Benson, PG; Mahajan, A; Alas, R; Oliver, RL
Jan-2013Human resources and expatriate evacuation: A conceptual modelFee, AW; Mcgrath-Champ, S; Liu, H
Jan-2012Human resources and SME performance in services: empirical evidence from the UKGeorgiadis, A; Pitelis, C
Jan-2005Human resources for firm competitive advantage: cross-cultural comparisonsGalang, MC; Chow, IH; Teo, ST; Davidson, P; De Cieri, H
Jan-2011Human resources for health in maternal, neonatal and reproductive health at community level: A profile of BangladeshDawson, A; Howes, T; Grey, N; Kennedy, E
Jan-2011Human resources for health in maternal, neonatal and reproductive health at community level: A profile of CambodiaDawson, A; Howes, T; Grey, N; Kennedy, E