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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014Evolvable rough-block-based neural network and its biomedical application to hypoglycemia detection systemSan, P; Ling, SS; Nuryani, N; Nguyen, HT
Jan-2010Evolved Fuzzy Reasoning Model for Hypoglycaemic DetectionLing, SS; Nuryani, N; Nguyen, HT; Ricardo Armentano
30-Mar-2015Evolved gas analysis during thermal degradation of salbutamol sulphateSonvico, F; Coleman, V; Traini, D; Young, PM
3-Dec-2015Evolving a university product design program: An approach for contemporary design practiceLie, S; Walden, R
Jan-2014An evolving approach to developing academics understanding of transition for first year students. A Practice ReportGriffiths, N
Jan-2005Evolving Creative Practice: A Reflection on Working with Audience Experience in CardiomorphologiesKhut, PG; Muller, E; Anastasiou, P; Trist, K; Smithies, R
Jan-2013Evolving fuzzy rule-based classifier based on GENEFISPratama m; Nikhil Pal
Jan-2010The Evolving Law of Disputed Relocation: Constructing Inner City Renewal Practices in Shanghai, 1990-2005Shih, M
Jan-2005Evolving Parameters of Surveillance Video Systems for Non-overfitted LearningConcha, OP; Garcia, J; Berlanga, A; Molina, JM; al, FRE
24-Aug-2011Evolving patch-based terrains for use in video gamesRaffe, WL; Zambetta, F; Li, X
Jan-2009Evolving Remote Laboratory Architectures to Leverage Emerging Internet TechnologiesLowe, DB; Murray, SJ; Lindsay, E; Liu, D
2017Evolving robot empathy through the generation of artificial pain in an adaptive self-awareness framework for human-robot collaborative tasksAnshar, Muh
Dec-2013Evolving small-cell communications towards mobile-over-FTTx networksZhang, JA; Collings, IB; Chen, CS; Roullet, L; Luo, L; Ho, S-W; Yuan, J
26-Oct-2015Evolving Social Media: A Look at the Development of Value Creation ModelsBader, R; Kang, K
1-Jun-2016Evolving Type-2 Fuzzy ClassifierPratama, M; Lu, J; Zhang, G
Jan-2009An ex ante framework for the strategic study of social utility of sport eventsSchulenkorf, N
Jan-2008Ex-Dividend Day Behaviour in the Absence of Taxes and Price DiscretenessAl-Yahyee, K; Pham, TM; Walter, TS
22-Feb-2015Exact analytical solution for one-dimensional consolidation of unsaturated soil stratum subjected to damped sine wave loadingHo, L; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz
Jan-2012The Exact Distance to Destination in Undirected WorldChang, L; Yu, JX; Qin, L; Cheng, H; Qiao, M
Jul-2016Exact Estimation of Multiple Directed Acyclic GraphsOates, C; Smith, JQ; Mukherjee, S; Cussens, J