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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Finding the balance point in deciding the scope of the communications ombudsman schemeLi, G; Sylvia Kierkegaard
1-Nov-2015Finding the best not the most: Regularized loss minimization subgraph selection for graph classificationPan, S; Wu, J; Zhu, X; Long, G; Zhang, C
Jan-2009Finding the Hidden Pattern of Credit Card Holder's Churn: A Case of China.Nie, G; Wang, G; Zhang, P; Tian, Y; Shi, Y
Jan-2010Finding the Imagined Motherland in China: the Italian experience in TianjinMarinelli, M
28-Sep-2016Finding the Optimal Place and Size of an Energy Storage System for the Daily Operation of Microgrids Considering Both Operation Modes SimultaneouslyBeiranvand, A; Mahdavi Aghdam, M; Li, L; Zhu, S; Zheng, J
Jan-2013Finding the patient in patient safetyHor, S; Godbold, NJ; Collier, A; Iedema, RA
Jan-2007Finding the Population variance of Costs over the Solution Space of the TSP in Polynomial TimeSutcliffe, PJ; Solomon, AI; Edwards, J; Psarris, K; Jones, A
Jan-2009Finding the Women's Space:Muslim Women and the MosqueHussain, J; Dreher, T; Ho, C
Jan-2008Finding Time-Dependent Shortest Paths over Large GraphsDing, B; Yu, JX; Qin, L; Kemper, A; Valduriez, P; Mouaddib, N; Teubner, J; Bouzeghoub, M; Markl, V; Amsaleg, L; Manolescu, I
Jan-2012Finding Top k Most Influential Spatial Facilities Over Uncertain ObjectsZhan, L; Zhang, Y; Zhang, W; Lin, X; NA
Jan-2007Finding Top-k Min-Cost Connected Trees in DatabasesDing, B; Yu, JX; Wang, S; Qin, L; Zhang, X; Lin, X; Chirkova, R; Dogac, A; Özsu, MT; Sellis, TK
Jan-2012Finding Top-K Similar Graphs in Graph DatabasesZhu, Y; Qin, L; Yu, JX; Cheng, H; Rundensteiner, EA; Markl, V; Manolescu, I; Amer-Yahia, S; Naumann, F; Ari, I
1-Jan-2016Findings and Recommendations. A synthesis for key stakeholders community scale sanitation in Indonesia.Mitchell, C; Ross, K
Jan-2001Fine particulate matter and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon concentration patterns in Roxbury, Massachusetts: a community-based GIS analysisLevy, JI; Houseman, EA; Spengler, JD; Loh, P; Ryan, LM
Jan-2012Fine root biomass and its relationship to evapotranspiration in woody and grassy vegetation covers for ecological restoration of waste storage and mining landscapesYunusa, IA; Zolfaghar, S; Zeppel, MJ; Li, Z; Palmer, A; Eamus, D
Jan-1995A Fine Time for Monetary Policy?Geweke, J; Runkle, D
Jan-2013Fine-grained climate data alters the interpretation of a trait-based clineGollan, JR; Ashcroft, M; Ramp, D
Jan-2012Fine-resolution (25 m) topoclimatic grids of near-surface (5 cm) extreme temperatures and humidities across various habitats in a large (200 x 300 km) and diverse regionAshcroft, MB; Gollan, JR
Jan-2011Fine-Scale Distribution Patterns of Synechococcus Ecological Diversity in Microbial Mats of Mushroom Spring, Yellowstone National ParkBecraft, ED; Cohan, FM; Kuhl, M; Jensen, SO; Ward, DM
1-Jun-2012De Finetti on the Insurance of Risks and UncertaintiesFeduzi, A; Runde, J; Zappia, C