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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2006Engagements as a unifying concept for process integrationHawryszkiewycz, IT
Jan-2009Engaging 'Meaning' in the Analysis of the Project Start-Up WorkshopNugapitiya, M; Healy, PL; Boydell, S; Jonas, D; Meskendahl, S
Jan-2008Engaging a window of opportunity: Synchronicity between a regional river conservation initiative and broader water law reform in South AfricaBiggs, HC; Breen, C; Palmer, CG
Jan-2008Engaging Aboriginal Families to Support Student and Community LearningChodkiewicz, AK; Widin, J; Yasukawa, K
1-Dec-2011Engaging actors in co-designing heterogeneous innovationsJørgensen, U; Lindegaard, H; Rosenqvist, T
Mar-2016Engaging boards of directors at the interface of corporate sustainability and corporate governanceSainty, R
2009Engaging casually employed teachers in collaborative curriculum and professional development : change through an action research enquiry in a higher education 'pathways' institutionSalmona, M
29-Jul-2009Engaging citizens through e-Democracy: Analysis of Federal Government Online Public Consultation Trials 2008-2009Macnamara, J
2-Oct-2016Engaging communities in climate adaptation: the potential of social networksCunningham, R; Cvitanovic, C; Measham, T; Jacobs, B; Dowd, AM; Harman, B
Jan-2013Engaging Consumers Through Branded Smartphone Applications: A Study of Self-Congruenvy and Customer Brand EngagementThomson, A; Rao-Hill, S; Carrillat, F; Brodie, R
2017Engaging disadvantaged mothers through mHealth to support infant feeding behaviours that promote healthy weight gainTaki, Sarah Badia
1-Aug-2004Engaging in the future of e-learning: A scenarios-based approachBell, M; Martin, G; Clarke, T
10-Jun-2014Engaging IT undergraduates in non-IT contentGallagher, S; Sixsmith, A
1-May-2015Engaging local communities in climate adaptation: a social network perspective from Bega Valley, New South Wales, AustraliaHarman, B; Cunningham, R; Jacobs, B; Measham, T; Cvitanovic, C
15-Aug-2016Engaging local communities in climate adaptation: a social network perspective from Orange Valley, New South Wales, AustraliaHarman, BP; Rylance, K; Brown, PR; Cunningham, R; Jacobs, B; Measham, T
Jan-2005Engaging postgraduate students in a collaborative peer learning community by assessment through an online discussion groupSaunderS, SD; Roebuck, R
1-Sep-2009Engaging practitioners in researchAdams, J; Wardle, J
1-Mar-2017Engaging primary children and pre-service teachers in a whole school 'Design and Make Day': The evaluation of a creative science and technology collaborationPressick-Kilborn, KJ; Prescott, A
1-Jan-2018Engaging Primary School Students in Mathematics: Can iPads Make a Difference?Hilton, A
Jan-2008Engaging professional societies in developing work-ready graduatesNettleton, SC; Litchfield, AJ; Taylor, TL; None known