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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Genomic sequencing reveals regulatory mutations and recombinational events in the widely used MC4100 lineage of Escherichia coli K-12Ferenci, F; Zhemin, Z; Betteridge, T; Ren, Y; Liu, Y; Feng, L; Reeves, PR; Wang, L
Jan-2011Genomic Signatures Predict Migration And Spawning Failure In Wild Canadian SalmonMiller, K; Li, S; Kaukinen, K; Ginther, N; Hammill, E; Curtis, J; Patterson, D; Sierocinski, T; Donnison, L; Pavlidis, P; Hinch, S; Hruska, K; Cooke, S; English, K; Farrell, A
Jan-2003Genomics and chloroplast evolution: what did cyanobacteria do for plants?Raven, JA; Allen, JF
Jan-2003Genomics and its impact on parasitology and the potential for development of new parasite control methodsEllis, JT; Morrison, DJ; Reichel, MP
Jan-2008Genomics, environmental genomics and the issue of microbial speciesWard, DM; Cohan, FM; Bhaya, D; Heidelberg, JF; Kuhl, M; Grossman, AR
Jan-1999Genotyping and functional analysis of a polymorphic (CCTTT)n repeat of NOS2A in diabetic retinopathyWarpeha, KM; Xu, W; Liu, L; Charles, IG; Patterson, CC; Ah-fat, F; Harding, S; Hart, PM; Chakravarthy, U; Hughes, AE
Jan-2003The Genre of QoheletAzize, JJ
2013Gently to hear, kindly to judge: the affective information practices of theatre professionals and journalists Untitled PublicationOlsson, M; Jeppe Nicolaisen
12-Dec-2016Geo-Location Oriented Routing Protocol for Smart Dynamic Mesh NetworkNanda, A; Nanda, P; He, X
Jan-2005Geo-LPM: An efficient Scheme for Locating Nodes in the InternetLe, T; Hoang, DB; Simmonds, AJ
10-Aug-2015GEO-SAGE: A geographical sparse additive generative model for spatial item recommendationWang, W; Yin, H; Chen, L; Sun, Y; Sadiq, S; Zhou, X
Jan-2012Geochemical and microbial diversity of Bundera Sinkhole, an anchialine system in the eastern Indian OceanHumphreys, W; Tetu, S; Elbourne, L; Gillings, M; Seymour, JR; Mitchell, J; Paulsen, I
Jan-2001Geochemical evidence from lower permian volcanic rocks of northeast NSW for asthenospheric upwelling following slab breakoffCaprarelli, G; Leitch, EC
Jan-2012Geographic differences in hospital waiting timesJohar, M; Jones, G; Keane, M; Savage, EJ; Stavrunova, O
Jan-2003Geographic gradients in seed size among and within perennial Australian Glycine speciesMurray, B; Brown, AH; Grace, JP
Jan-2005Geographic range size, seedling ecophysiology and phenotypic plasticity in Australian Acacia speciesPohlman, C; Nicotra, A; Murray, B
Jul-2012Geographic specific coral-associated ammonia-oxidizing archaea in the northern Gulf of Eilat (Red Sea).Siboni, N; Ben-Dov, E; Sivan, A; Kushmaro, A
4-Jun-2017A geographical analysis of trafficking on a popular darknet market.Broséus, J; Rhumorbarbe, D; Morelato, M; Staehli, L; Rossy, Q
Jan-2004Geographical gradients in seed mass in relation to climateMurray, B; Brown, AH; Dickman, CR; Crowther, MS
2008Geographical indications protection in Indonesia based on cultural rights approachAyu, MR