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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Exploring practitioner conceptualisations of professionalism and the impact of professionalism on the work of Australian ecotour guidesPonting, SS
Jan-2004Exploring Prefiltering for Water Sensitive Urban Design Systems in AustraliaRoach, L; Beecham, SC; Chocat, B; Desbordes, M
Jan-2011Exploring processes for participation and accountability: A learning paperWilletts, JR; Carrard, NR; Asker, SA
Jan-2011Exploring programming assessment instruments: a classification scheme for examination questionsSheard, J; Simon, S; Carbone, A; Chinn, D; Laakso, M; Clear, T; de Raadt, M; Dâ¿¿Souza, D; Harland, J; Lister, RF; Philpott, A; Warburton, G; Caspersen, M; Clear, A; Sanders, K
Jan-2014Exploring Project Knowledge Acquisition and Exchange Through Action ResearchAlgeo, CT
Jan-2009Exploring Project Portfolio Management Decisions: The role of intuition and entrepreneurship in project portfolio outcomesPaternoster, GJ; Hunt, R; Killen, CP; APIC
Jan-2007Exploring Relationships of Trust in 'Adventure' RecreationLynch, P; Jonson, PT; Dibben, M
Jan-2011Exploring Scale Effects of Best/Worst Rank Ordered Choice Data to Estimate Benefits of Tourism in Alpine Grazing CommonsScarpa, R; Notaro, S; Louviere, JJ; Raffaelli, R
1-Dec-2017Exploring Self-Regulation in Learner-Generated Digital Media (LGDM) Assignments in First Year Science Students.Reyna Zeballos, JL; Hanham, J; Meier, P; Vlachopoulos, P; Geronimo, F
2016Exploring semantic concepts for complex event analysis in unconstrained video clipsChang, Xiaojun
1-Jan-2015Exploring Semantic Inter-Class Relationships (SIR) for Zero-Shot Action RecognitionGan, C; Lin, M; Yang, Y; Zhuang, YT; Hauptmann, AG
2008Exploring sense of place and destination image assessment : ecotourism and social valuing in Ogasawara, JapanCunningham, PA
Jan-2011Exploring SINPA's strengths-based practice: A learning paperWilletts, JR; Carrard, NR; Asker, SA; Winterford, K
1-Apr-2017Exploring smart enforcement within urban sanitationChong, J; Kome, A; Murta, J; Willetts, JR; Grant, M
Jan-2005Exploring spatially referenced information through 2D marching graphHuang, M; Quan, W; Villanueva, JJ
Jan-2013Exploring sustainable tourism education in business schools: The honours programSchweinsberg, SC; Wearing, SL; McManus, P
1-Jan-2014“Exploring the Acoustic Environment of the Montreal Metro by Doing the ‘Dou-Dou-Dou’”Giuffre, E; Sharp, L
1-Feb-2016Exploring the behavioural options of exit and voice in the exit interview processJohns, RE; Gorrick, J
2006Exploring the benefits of using motes to monitor health: an acceptance surveyLubrin, E; Lawrence, E; Bachfischer, A; Felix Navarro, K; Culjak, G; Dini, P
2012Exploring the comparative effects of societal syndromes on knowledge discovery in new product-process development : contrasting Anglo-Western society and Han-Chinese societySinclair, PJ