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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Experimental Investigation into the Transient Response of an Automotive Powertrain with an Automatic Transmission during Gear Shifts and Torque ReversalsZhang, N; Tanaka, PH
1-Nov-2017Experimental Investigation of a Broadband High-Temperature Superconducting Terahertz Mixer Operating at Temperatures Between 40 and 77 KGao, X; Du, J; Zhang, T; Jay Guo, Y; Foley, CP
1-Jun-2012Experimental Investigation of a Hydraulically Interconnected Suspension in Vehicle Dynamics and Stability ControlWang, L; Zhang, N; Du, H
Jan-2013An experimental investigation of a thermal break composite facade mullion sectionHuang, S; Li, J; Samali, B; Zobec, M; Samali, B; Attard, MM; Song, C
Jan-2004Experimental Investigation Of Adsorption-Flocculatio-Microfiltration Hybrid System In Wastewater ReuseGuo, W; Vigneswaran, S; Ngo, H; Chapman, HA
1-Jan-2014Experimental investigation of efficiency losses in a two speed electric vehicleWalker, PD; Zhang, N; Fang, Y
Sep-2013An experimental investigation of emotional reasoning processes in depression.Berle, D; Moulds, ML
Jan-2004Experimental Investigation of Flow-Induced Vibration In a Parallel Plate Reactor Fuel-AssemblyHo, MK; Hong, G; Mack, AN; Behnia, M; Lin, W; McBain, GD
2005Experimental investigation of flow-induced vibration in the reactor fuel assemblyHo, M
Jan-2005Experimental Investigation of Indoor MIMO Ricean Channel CapacityTang, Z; Sanagavarapu, AM
Jan-2007Experimental Investigation Of Layer Displacements For A Singly-fed Circularly Polarized Stacked Patch AntennaChung, KL; Sanagavarapu, AM
2007Experimental Investigation Of Layer Displacements For A Singlyfed Circularly Polarized Stacked Patch AntennaChung, K; Sanagavarapu, A
Jan-2014Experimental investigation of local flux distribution and fouling behavior in double-end and dead-end submerged hollow fiber membrane modulesLi, X; Li, J; Wang, J; Wang, H; He, B; Zhang, H; Guo, W; Ngo, H
Jan-2010An experimental investigation of pressure loss in canvas fire hoseDoull, A; Huynh, P; Mallinson, GD; Cater, JE
Jan-2009Experimental Investigation of PSO Based Web User Session ClusteringNguyen, T; Lu, H; Lu, DH; Nguyen, MTTS
Jan-2008Experimental Investigation of Spark Assisted Auto-Ignition Combustion in a Small Two-Stroke EngineWijesinghe, JS; Hong, G; Conference Organizers, SAE
1-Jan-2015Experimental investigation of the role of the battery in the AeroStack hybrid, fuel-cell-based propulsion system for small unmanned aircraft systemsVerstraete, D; Gong, A; Lu, DDC; Palmer, JL
Jan-2005Experimental investigation of the stiffness of critical components in a moment-resisting composite connectionGardner, AP; Goldsworthy, HM
1-Jul-2016Experimental investigation of ultra-high performance concrete slabs under contact explosionsLi, J; Wu, C; Hao, H; Wang, Z; Su, Y
2015Experimental investigation of ultracapacitor impedance characteristicsZhang, L; Wang, Z; Hu, X; Dorrell, DG