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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Evidence, experience and conjecture: reading the interior through Benjamin and BlochRice, CE
Apr-2016An Evidence-Based Approach to Scoping Reviews.Khalil, H; Peters, M; Godfrey, CM; McInerney, P; Soares, CB; Parker, D
Jan-2009Evidence-based chronic heart failure management programs: reality or myth?Driscoll, A; Worrall-Carter, L; Hare, D; Davidson, PM; Riegel, B; Tonkin, A; stewart, S
Jan-2011Evidence-based chronic heart-failure management programmes: reality or myth?Driscoll, A; Worrall-Carter, L; Hare, DL; Davidson, PM; Riegel, B; Tonkin, A; Stewart, S
Jan-2008Evidence-Based Dialogue Maps as a Research Tool to Investigate the Quality of School Pupils Scientific ArgumentationOkada, A; Buckingham Shum, S
Jan-2011Evidence-Based Guidelines For Determination Of Sample Size And Interpretation Of The European Organisation For The Research And Treatment Of Cancer Quality Of Life Questionnaire Core 30Cocks, K; King, MT; Velikova, G; St-james, M; Fayers, P; Brown, JS
Jan-2009Evidence-Based Healthcare In Practice: A Study Of Clinician Resistance, Professional De-Skilling, And Inter-Specialty Differentiation In OncologyBroom, A; Adams, J; Tovey, P
Nov-2013Evidence-based intervention for chronic refractory breathlessness: practical therapies that make a difference.Currow, D; Johnson, M; White, P; Abernethy, A
Mar-2011Evidence-based nursing interventions warrant rigorous development methods.Perry, L
2017Evidence-based occupational therapy for people with dementia and their families: What clinical practice guidelines tell us and implications for practice.Laver, K; Cumming, R; Dyer, S; Agar, M; Anstey, KJ; Beattie, E; Brodaty, H; Broe, T; Clemson, L; Crotty, M; Dietz, M; Draper, B; Flicker, L; Friel, M; Heuzenroeder, L; Koch, S; Kurrle, S; Nay, R; Pond, D; Thompson, J; Santalucia, Y; Whitehead, C; Yates, M
1-Jul-2011Evidence-based policyCurrow, DC
18-May-2017Evidence-based policy responses to strengthen health, community and legislative systems to care for women with female genital mutilation in AustraliaDawson, A; Varol, N; Turkmani, S; Hall, J; Black, K
Jan-2012An evidence-based review of acupuncture as an adjunctive therapy in comprehensive cancer careZaslawski, CJ; Soh, KS; Kang, KA; Harrison, DK
Jan-2012Evidence? What Evidence? Government Policy Development and the Northern Territory InterventionVivian, AM
Jan-2011Evidentiary to experiential: a poetic approach to documentaryFrankham, BL; Peters Geraldene
Jan-2012The Evil of UtopiaClegg, SR; Pina e Cunha, M; Rego, A; Jurkiewicz, CL
2006The evolution and antioxidant activity of polyphenol compounds in Thai fruit winesWattananon, Saranya
Jan-2011The evolution and distribution of phage ST160 within Salmonella enterica serotype TyphimuriumPrice-Carter, M; Roy Chowdhury, P; Pope, C; Paine, S; de Lisle, G; Collins, D; Nicol, C; Carter, PE
Jan-2013Evolution and distribution of saxitoxin biosynthesis in dinoflagellatesOrr, RJ; St√ľken, A; Murray, SA; Jakobsen, KS
30-Jun-2016Evolution and Evaluation of Contemporary Greenways and Green Infrastructure in Sydney, AustraliaKilbane, SJ; Kopinski, J; Valanszki, I; Jombach, S; Filep-Kovacs, K; Fabos, JG; Ryan, RL; Lindhult, MS; Kollanyi, L