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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Impacts of Web Systems on Their DomainYusop, N; Lowe, DB; Zowghi, D
Jan-2004Impedance models of photon conductance in photonic crystal waveguidesNicorovici, NA; Botten, LC; Asatryan, AA; de Sterke, CM; McPhedran, RC; Eggleton, B; Sampson, D; Engana, SF; Mitchell, A; Jackson, S; Ankiewicz, A; Sellars, M; de Sterke, M; Roberts, A; Lam, PK
2009Impedance of square and triangular lattice photonic crystalsLawrence, F; Botten, L; Dossou, K; De Sterke, C; McPhedran, R
Jan-2008Impedance-based biosensors for pathogen detectionMuñoz-Berbel, X; Godino, N; Laczka, OF; Baldrich, E; Muñoz, FX; Campo, FJ; Zourob, M; Elwary, S; Turner, APF
Jan-2004Impeller Behaviour and Displacement of the VentrAssist Implantable Rotary Blood PumpChung, MK; Zhang, N; Tansley, GD; Woodard, JC
17-Sep-2015Imperfect Aesthetic: How the changing use of plastic in objects has changed our perception of it.Walden, R; Lockhart, C; Lie, S; Pandolfo, B
Jan-2009IMPLANT: An Integrated MDP and POMDP Learning AgeNT for Adaptive GamesTan, C; Cheng, H; Darken, CJ; Youngblood, GM
Jan-2013Implementation and Comparison of PSO-Based Algorithms for Multi-Modal Optimization ProblemsSriyanyong, P; Lu, H; Sun, C; Bednarz, T; Pham, TD; Vallotton, P; Wang, D
Jul-2014Implementation decision making for internetware driven by quality requirementsWei, B; Jin, Z; Zowghi, D; Yin, B
2011Implementation errors during the transition to the International Financial Reporting Standards, Chief Financial Officer's compensation and turnover and earnings quality metricsLoyeung, A
Jan-2013An implementation framework for using OSCEs in nursing curriculaHenderson, A; Nulty, D; Mitchell, M; Jeffrey, CA; Kelly, MA; Groves, M; Glover, P; Knight, S
Jan-2006Implementation issues and experimental evaluation of D-SLAMWang, ZZ; Huang, S; Dissanayake, G; Corke, P; Sukkarieh, S
Jan-2006Implementation Issues and Experimental Evaluation of D-SLAMWang, Z; Huang, S; Dissanayake, G; Corke, P; Sukkarieh, S
Jan-2006Implementation models in mobile paymentsBachfischer, A; Lawrence, EM; Sahni, S
Jan-2013The Implementation of 3TZ Model of Software DevelopmentChaczko, ZC; Aslanzadeh, S; Jiang, F; Klempous, R
Jan-2012Implementation of a haptic musical instrument using multi-signal fusion for force sensing without additional force sensorsHavryliv, M; Naghdy, F; Schiemer, G; NA
1-Jan-2004Implementation of a quality of service feedback control loop on programmable routersNguyen, C; Hoang, DB; Zhao, IL; Lavian, T; Pung, HK; BuSungLee, F; Tham, CK; Kuttan, S
Jan-2004Implementation of a Quality of Services Feedback Control Loop on Programmable RoutersNguyen, D; Hoang, DB; Zhao, L; Lavian, T; Pung, H; Lee, F; Thanm, C; Kuttan, S
Jan-2006Implementation of a Z-matrix approach within the SIESTA periodic boundary conditions code and its application to surface adsorptionHoft, RC; Gale, JD; Ford, M
Jan-2006Implementation of advanced access in general practice: postal survey of practicesGoodall, S; Montgomery, A; Banks, J; Sampson, F; Pickin, M; Salisbury, C