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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008The implications of motive divergence on international joint venture management control systems and performanceWakefield, JA; Giacobbe, F; Hay, D; Moroney, R
Jan-2002Implications of polishing techniques in quantitative X-ray microanalysisRemond, G; Nockolds, C; Phillips, M; Roques-Carmes, C
Jan-2009The Implications of Staff 'Churn' for Nurse Managers, Staff, and PatientsDuffield, CM; Roche, MA; O'Brien-Pallas, L; Catling, C
Jan-2008Implications of the Coombs Commission Report for HRM in the Public ServiceSpooner, KB; Haidar, A
2003The implications of the genre-based approach on the teaching of English writing at the Department of Foreign Languages, Khon Kaen University in north-eastern ThailandKongpetch, S
Jan-2009The implications of the Lyons Report in England for structural reform in Australian local governmentDollery, B; Grant, BJ; Crase, L
Jan-2011Implications of wild dog ecology on the sylvatic and domestic life cycle of Neospora caninum in AustraliaKing, JS; Jenkins, D; Ellis, JT; Fleming, P; Windsor, PA; Slapeta, J
Jan-2010Implicit motion-shape model: A generic approach for action matchingThi, T; Cheng, L; Zhang, J; Wang, L; N/A
Jan-2005Implicit training of virtual shopping assistants in 3D electronic institutionsBogdanovych, A; Simoff, SJ; Sierra, C; Berger, H; Karmakar, N; Isaias, P
-Implied VolumePandolfo, B; Parkes, B
Jan-2003The importance of adults' conceptions of the environment for educationPetocz, P; Reid, A; Loughland, T; Jeffery, PL
Nov-2014The importance of clinical leadership in the hospital settingDaly, J; Jackson, D; Mannix, J; Davidson, P; Hutchinson, M
Jan-2014The importance of communicating your research: The 3 Minute ThesisFerguson, C; Davidson, PM
Jan-2002The importance of context and judgement in learningHager, P; Halliday, JS; Haynes, B
Jan-2005The importance of context to understanding learningHager, P; Hager, P; Hawke, G
Jan-2011The Importance of Effective Working Relationships between Sales and MarketingLe Meunier-FitzHugh, K; Massey, GR; Cravens, DW; LeMeunier-FitzHugh, K; Piercy, NF
Jan-2009The importance of elementary school students social chat online: Reconceptualising the curriculumMaher, D
Jan-2011The Importance Of Energy Balance In Improving Photosynthetic ProductivityKramer, D; Evans, JR
Jan-2012The importance of entertainment for sexuality educationMcKee, A
15-Mar-2016The importance of interacting climate modes on Australia's contribution to global carbon cycle extremesCleverly, J; Eamus, D; Luo, Q; Coupe, NR; Kljun, N; Ma, X; Ewenz, C; Li, L; Yu, Q; Huete, A