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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005False Dichotomies and Other Barriers to Policy-Making for Aboriginal CommunitiesBehrendt, LY; Austin-Broos, D; Macdonald, G
Jan-2008False negative sentinel lymph node biopsies in melanoma may result from deficiencies in nuclear medicine, surgery, or pathologyKarim, RZ; Scolyer, RA; Li, W; McKinnon, J; Li, L; Uren, RF; Lam, S; Beavis, AB; Dawson, M; Doble, PA; Hoon, DS; Thompson, JF
21-Feb-2013False-Data Attacks in Stochastic Estimation Problems with Only Partial Prior Model InformationBishop, AN
2015Faltering at the Critical Turn to History: "Juridical Thinking" in International Law and Genealogy as History, Critique and TherapyPurcell, KC
Jan-2011Falun Gong in the Academic PerspectiveFeng, C; Ling Xiaohui
Jan-2011Familial hypercholesterolaemia: A model of care for AustralasiaWatts, GF; Sullivan, DR; Poplawski, N; van Bockxmeer, F; Hamilton-Craig, I; Clifton, PM; Oâ¿¿Brien, R; Bishop, W; George, P; Barter, PJ; Bates, T; Burnett, JR; Coakley, J; Davidson, PM; Emery, J; Andrew, M; Farid, W; Freeman, L; Geelhoed, E; Juniper, A; Kidd, A; Kostner, K; Krass, I; Livingston, M; Maxwell, S; O'Leary, P; Owaimrin, A; Redgrave, TG; Reid, N; Southwell, L; Suthers, G; Tonkin, A; Towler, S; Trent, RJ
Jan-2012Familiarity with a female does not affect a male's courtship intensity in garter snakes Thamnophis sirtalis parietalisShine, R; Webb, JK; Lane, A; Mason, RT
1-Jan-2014Families and the transition to specialist palliative careKirby, E; Broom, A; Good, P; Wootton, J; Adams, J
Jan-2009Families of rational numbers with predictable Engle product expansionsMelham, R
Aug-2015Families of returned defence force personnel: a changing landscape of challenges.Berle, D; Steel, Z
1-Dec-2011Families of type III<inf>0</inf> ergodic transformations in distinct orbit equivalent classesDooley, AH; Hawkins, J; Ralston, D
Jan-2001Families' engagement with young children's science and technology learning at homeSchaverien, LR; Hall, RL
2015Families, nurses and organisations contributing factors to medication administration error in paediatrics: a literature reviewAlomari, A; Wilson, V; Davidson, PM; Lewis, J
25-Jan-2016Family Caregivers Who Would Be Unwilling to Provide Care at the End of Life Again: Findings from the Health Survey for England Population Survey.Johnson, MJ; Allgar, V; Macleod, U; Jones, A; Oliver, S; Currow, D
10-Mar-2015Family Caregiving: Benefits and BurdensDavidson, PM; DiGiacomo, M
Jan-2007Family carers of stroke survivors: Needs, knowledge, satisfaction and competence in caringMackenzie, A; Perry, L; Lockhart, E; Cottee, M; Cloud, G; Mann, H
Jan-2013Family Dispute Resolution and Muslim CommunitiesHussain, J
20-Aug-2015Family farming as a practice: re-evaluating supporting narratives for a sustainable future in marginal areasLorber-Kasunic, J
2015Family focused approach to improve heart failure care in lebanon quality (FAMILY) intervention : a randomized controlled trialDeek, Hiba Al Rahman
27-Jul-2017Family History and Transnational Historical ConsciousnessClark, AH; Evans, T; Clark, A; Simmonds, A; Reese, A