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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2001The Hotel RoomFinkelstein, J; Lynch, R
Jan-2006Hotspots in cylindrical mirror light pipes: description and removalSwift, PD; Smith, G; Franklin, J
2009Houdini's flightLoukakis, A
24-Jul-2015House Price Determinants in SydneyGe, X; Williams, B; Arslani, KY
Jan-2008House Price Trigger and Infusion TrapGe, J; Huang, Y; Wang, H; Wang, K
Jan-2009House prices and the collapse of stock market in mainland China? - An empirical study on house price indexHuang, YK; Ge, J; PRRES
Jan-2009Household behavior change for climate change response: an integral scanRiedy, C
Jan-2008The Household Guide to DyingAdelaide, D
Jan-2013Household rainwater harvesting system - Pilot scale gravity driven membrane-based filtration systemKus, BG; Kandasamy, JK; Vigneswaran, S; Shon, H; Moody, G
Jan-2010Householder perspectives and preferences on water storage and use, with reference to dengue in the Mekong Delta, Southern VietnamTran, HP; Adams, J; jeffery, J; Nguyen, YT; Nguyen, V; Kutcher, S; Kay, B; Ryan, P
Jan-2008Households' willingness to pay for a motorcycle helmet in Hanoi, VietnamPham, K; Le Thi, Q; Petrie, D; Adams, J; Doran, C
Jan-2011Housewives of Tokyo versus the gnomes of Zurich: Measuring price discovery in sequential marketsWang, J; Yang, M
Jan-2011Housing affordability dynamics in Sydney's housing sub-markets: the case for spatially sensitive policyMacDonald, HI; Maginn, PJ
2014Housing Affordability in Australia: The National Rental Affordability Scheme v. Public Housing and Welfare ProgramsAntoniades, H; Warren, C
10-Jul-2015Housing and energy efficiency: What do real estate agent advertisements tell us?Hurst, N; Wilkinson, SJ
11-Mar-2015Housing and Local Government in Australia in the 21st CenturyAndrew Beer; Alan Morris; Chris Paris
Jan-2011Housing Crisis and Housing PolicyMorris, A; Argyrous, G; Stilwell, F
2015Housing sex within the city: The placement of sex services beyond respectable domesticity?Prior, JH; Gorman-Murray, A; Maginn, PJ; Steinmetz, C
Jan-2007Housing's Economic and Social ImpactsMacDonald, HI; Funderberg, R; Swenson, D; Russett, A; Simeon, M
12-Sep-2015How 'Afro-Americanophilia' became Polyphilia: Joachim-Ernst Berendt's Journey from Jazz to 'Weltmusik.'Hurley, AW