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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002Expression and functional analysis of recombitant scFv and diabody fragments with specificity for human RhDAsvadi, P; Fletcher, A; Raison, RL
2012Expression and functional characterisation of Variola and Monkeypox virus tumour necrosis factor receptor (TNFR) proteinsSherwood, S
2009The expression and localization of Kappa Myeloma antigen on malignant and normal B cellsHutchinson, AT
2016The expression difference of AChE, BChE, PON-1 and FOS mRNA in rats died of acute phorate poisoningGuangwu, X; Chengjun, T; Zhiwen, W; Fu, S; Liang, L; Yun, K
2008Expression Of A Gi-Coupled Receptor In The Heart Causes Impaired Ca2+ Handling, Myofilament Injury, And Dilated CardiomyopathyMcCloskey, D; Turcato, S; Wang, G; Turnbull, L; Zhu, B; Bambino, T; Nguyen, A; Lovett, D; Nissenson, R; Karliner, J; Baker, A
2001Expression of a tick toxin for the development of a canine vaccineChung, JM
Jun-2016Expression of microRNAs in HPV negative tonsil cancers and their regulation of PDCD4Ahadi, A; Khoury, S; Tran, N; Zhang, X
Jan-1993Expression Of P.69/Pertactin From Bordetella-Pertussis In A Baculovirus/Insect Cell Expression System - Protective Properties Of The Recomnbinant ProteinCharles, IG; Rodgers, B; Musgrave, S; Peakman, T; Chubb, A; Fairweather, N; Dougan, G; Roberts, M
Dec-2012Expression of p21 is dependent on or independent of p53 in carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma (undifferentiated and adenocarcinoma types).Tarakji, B; Baroudi, K; Hanouneh, S; Nassani, MZ; Alotaibi, AM; Kharma, MY; Azzeghaiby, SN
Jan-2006Expression of putative virulence factors of Escherichia coli O157:H7 differs in bovine and human infectionsRashid, RA; Tabata, TA; Oatley, MJ; Besser, TE; Tarr, P; Moseley, S
Jan-2009Expression Of S100A2 Calcium-Binding Protein Predicts Response To Pancreatectomy For Pancreatic CancerBiankin, A; Kench, J; Colvin, E; Segara, D; Scarlett, C; Nguyen, N; Chang, D; Morey, A; Lee, C; Pinese, M; Kuo, S; Susanto, J; Cosman, P; Lindeman, G; Visvader, J; Nguyen, T; Merrett, N; Warusavitarne, J; Musgrove, E; Henshall, S; Sutherland, RL
Jan-1994Expression Of The Bordetella-Pertussis P.69 Pertactin Adhesin In Escherichia-Coli - Fate Of The Carboxy-Terminal DomainCharles, IG; Fairweather, N; Pickard, D; Beesley, J; Anderson, R; Dougan, G; Roberts, M
Jan-2006Expression of the Escherichia coli IrgA homolog adhesin is regulated by the ferric uptake regulation proteinRashid, RA; Tarr, P; Moseley, S
Aug-2016Expression stability of 13 housekeeping genes during carbon starvation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.Alqarni, B; Colley, B; Klebensberger, J; McDougald, D; Rice, SA
Jan-2009Expression, Imprinting, and Evolution of Rice Homologs of the Polycomb Group GenesLuo, M; Platten, D; Chaudhury, A; Peacock, J; Dennis, ES
Jan-2005Expression-invariant face recognition system using subspace model analysisTsai, PC; Jan, T; Gary Anderson
Jan-2009Expression-invariant Facial IdentificationTsai, PC; Tran, TP; Cao, L; IEEE
Jan-2004Expressive Intention: Representations for Generative ArtworksEdmonds, EA; Fujita, H; Gruhn, V
Jan-2012Expressive Musical Interface DesignBongers, B; Brown Andrew, R