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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010In-depth behavior understanding and use: The behavior informatics approachCao, L
Jan-2007An In-depth Case Study of Art-Technology CollaborationZhang, Y; Candy, L; Shneiderman, B; Fischer, G; Giaccardi, E; Eisenberg, M; Candy, L
2010In-depth interviewing practice in post-compulsory vocational education and training research in Australia from 1993 to 2005Melville, BJ
Jul-2014In-depth study of direct power control strategies for power convertersHu, J; Zhu, J; Dorrell, DG
Jan-2011In-home Health Alert Systems in Rural and Remote Areas of Australia: A Survey of Doctors' and Patients' ViewsMoulton, BD; Khalifan, Z
Jan-2009In-line flocculation - filtration as pre-treatment to reverse osmosis desalinationJohir, MH; Chinu, KJ; Vigneswaran, S; Shon, H
Jan-2008In-line Flocculation-Submersed MF/UF Membrane Hybrid System in Tertiary Wastewater TreatmentErdei, L; Chang, C; Vigneswaran, S
Jan-2010In-plane creep behaviour of concrete-filled steel tubular archesPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Qu, W; Ben Young
Jan-2008In-plane Nonlinear buckling analysis of deep circular arches incorporating transverse stressesGengshu, T; Pi, Y; Bradford, MA; Tin-loi, F
Jan-2011In-plane Nonlinearity Stability Strength Of Circular Concrete-filled Steel Tubular ArchesWang, Y; Liu, C; Pi, Y; Zhang, S
Jan-2007In-plane stability of parabolic arches with horizontal spring supports. I: TheoryBradford, MA; Wang, T; Pi, Y; Gilbert, RI
Jan-2007In-plane stability of parabolic arches with horizontal spring supports. II: ExperimentsWang, T; Bradford, MA; Gilbert, RI; Pi, Y
Jan-2010In-plane strength of concrete-filled steel tubular circular archesPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Liu, C; Wang, Y; Chen, B; Wei, J
Jan-2008In-Plane Strength Of Steel ArchesPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Tin-loi, F
Jan-2010In-plane thermoelastic behaviour and buckling of pin-ended and fixed circular archesPi, Y; Bradford, MA
Jan-2006In-situ investigation of discolouration processes between historic oil paint pigmentsWhite, RE; Phillips, M; Thomas, P; Wuhrer, R
Jan-1994In-vitro interactions of neomycin sulfate, bacitracin, and polymyxin-B sulfateBooth, JH; Benrimoj, C; Nimmo, G
2013Inactivation of bacteria in batch suspension by fluidized ceramic tourmaline nanoparticles under oscillating radio frequency electric fieldsAmarjargal, A; Tijing, LD; Ruelo, MTG; Park, C; Pant, HR; Vista IV, FP; Lee, DH; Kim, CS
Jan-2005An inactive X specific replication origin associated with a matrix attachment region in the human X linked HPRT geneKoina, E; Piper, AA
Jan-2011Inadequate housing in GhanaObeng-Odoom, F; Amedzro, L