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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004A Framework to Validate Requirements Engineering Research ArtefactsAl-Ani, B; Gervasi, V; Zowghi, D; Easterbrook, S; Sim, S
Jan-2006A framework towards understanding influences on the typographic quality of textBachfischer, G; Robertson, TJ; Bachfischer, A; Isaias, P; Mcpherson, M; Banniski, F
2013Framework, approach and system of intelligent fault tree analysis for nuclear safety assessmentPurba, JH
Jan-2012Frameworks for Including Indigenous Issues in Torts: Stolen Generations Case StudyAnthony, T
2016Framing and dominant metaphors in the coverage of North Korea in the Australian mediaDalton, B; Jung, K; Willis, J; Bell, M
Jan-2013Framing and reframing the emerging 'planetary crisis': a plea to avoid, and for increasing critique of, neoenvironmental determinismMcGrail, S
Jan-2009Framing doctoral education as practiceLee, A; Boud, DJ; Boud, D; Lee, A
Jan-2012Framing doctoral pedagogy as design and actionDanby, S; Lee, A; Lee; Danby
Jan-2011Framing Futures for Visual Communication Design ResearchGwilt, ID; Williams, J; Williams, J; Gwilt, I
1-Aug-2015Framing in design: A formal analysis and failure modes.Vermaas, P; Dorst, C; Thurgood, C; Weber, C; Husung, S; Cantamessa, M; Cascini, G; Marjanovic, D; Montagna, F
Jan-2012Framing interaction through engagement in interactive open ended environmentsDeray, K; Simoff, SJ; NA
1-Mar-2015Framing international migrationDehm, S
Jan-2009Framing tangible interaction frameworksMazalek, A; van den Hoven, E
2015Framing the Effectiveness of Innovation Management: A Knowledge Management PerspectiveMehrez, A; Soliman, F; Soliman, F
1-Jun-2014Framing the Emerging Talent Crisis in India and China: A Human Capital PerspectiveChatterjee, S; Nankervis, A; Connell, J
2016Framing the Indigenous Mobile RevolutionDyson, LE
1-Jan-2013Framing the university ranking game: Actors, motivations, and actionsDearden, JA; Grewal, R; Lilien, GL
Jan-2011Franchising the state: farmers, agricultural technicians and the marketization of agricultural servicesSmith, GK; Bjorn Alpermann
1-Jan-2011Francis-Jones, Richard/Spain & CoshOrr, K; Goad, P; Willis, J
Jan-2006Frankenstein, Triffids and Mangroves: anxiety and changing urban ecologiesGoodall, H