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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010An improved channel estimation approach for MIMO-OFDM systemsLu, Z
2015Improved conditioning for biosolids dewatering in wastewater treatment plantsTo, VHP
Jan-2012An Improved Contextual Advertising Matching Approach Based On Wikipedia KnowledgeWu, Z; Xu, G; Zhang, Y; Dolog, P; Lu, C
Jan-2003Improved Design and Performance Analysis of a Claw Pole Permanent Magnet SMC Motor with Sensorless Brushless DC DriveGuo, Y; Zhu, J; Watterson, PA; Holliday, B; Wu, W; King-Jet Tsend
Jan-2012An Improved differential evolution and its industrial applicationLai, JC; Leung, FH; Ling, SS; Shi, EC
Jan-2012An Improved Direct Torque Control for Three-Level Inverter-Fed Induction Motor Sensorless DriveZhang, Y; Zhu, J; Zhao, Z; Xu, W; Dorrell, DG
Jan-2013Improved Direct Torque Control Method of Brushless Doubly-Fed Reluctance Machines for Wind TurbineSong, WK; Dorrell, DG; Liu, TH; Nogueiras, A; Liu, YH; Lian, KL
Jan-2013An Improved Direct Torque Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous MachineHu, H; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Lee, CG
Jan-2004Improved eBusiness Treasury Risk Management Using Intelligent AgentsKarol, A; Gray, RW; Williams, M; Elliot, S; Elliot, S; Williams, MA; Williams, S; Pollard, C
Jan-2008Improved EEG based input concept for hands free control of assistive devices for persons with severe disabilityTran, YH; Craig, AR; Thuraisingham, R; Boord, PR; Wijesuriya, N
2012An improved EEG pattern classification system based on dimensionality reduction and classifier fusionAlsukker, ASM
Jan-2010An Improved Equivalent Circuit Model Of A Single-Sided Linear Induction MotorXu, W; Zhu, J; Zhang, Y; Li, Y; Wang, Y; Guo, Y
Jan-2011Improved Error Correction Techniques For Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (dmb) ServiceChen, X; Chung, Y; Yeh, W; Bergmann, N; Wahid, N; Shukran, M
Jan-2012Improved Fish And Crustacean Passage In Tidal Creeks Following Floodgate RemediationBoys, C; Kroon, F; Glasby, T; Wilkinson, K
Jan-2007An Improved Flexibility Formulation for Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete FramesValipour Goudarzi, H; Foster, S; Veidt, M; Albermani, F; Daniel, B; Griffiths, J; Hargreaves, D; McAree, R; Meehan, P; Tan, A
Jan-2005An improved genetic algorithm based fuzzy-tuned neural networkLing, SS; Leung, FH; Lam, H
Jan-2007An improved genetic algorithm with average-bound crossover and wavelet mutation operationsLing, SS; Leung, FH
Jan-2008Improved granulocyte colony-stimulating factor mobilization of hemopoietic progenitors using cytokine combinations in primatesLarsen, S; Chng, K; Battah, F; Martiniello-Wilks, R; Rasko, J
Jan-2006Improved Head Direction Command Classification Using An Optimised Bayesian Neural NetworkNguyen Thanh, S; Nguyen, HT; Taylor, PW; Middleton, JW; N/A
Jan-2010Improved human detection and classification in thermal imagesWang, W; Zhang, J; Shen, C; N/A