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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Feature Subset Selection Using Differential EvolutionKhushaba, RN; Al-Ani, A; Al-Jumaily, A; Koppen, M; Kasabov, N; Coghill, G
Jan-2011Feature subset selection using differential evolution and a statistical repair mechanismKhushaba, RN; Al-Ani, A; Al-Jumaily, A
Jan-2013Feature subset selection using differential evolution and a wheel based search strategyAl-Ani, A; Alsukker, A; Khushaba, RN
Jan-2013Feature Weighting via Optimal Thresholding for Video AnalysisXu, Z; Yang, Y; Tsang, I; Hauptmann, A; Sebe, N; Kutulakos, K; Torr, P; Seitz, S; Ma, Y
Jan-2011A Feature-Free Flexible Approach to Topical Classification of Web QueriesLi, L; Xu, G; Yang, Z; Zhang, Y; Kitsuregawa, M; *
Jan-2012A feature-free search query classification approach using semantic distanceLi, L; Zhong, L; Xu, G; Kitsuregawa, M
Jan-2010Features of sEMG based on source separation and fractal properties to detect wrist movementsArjunan, S; Kumar, DK; Naik, G
Dec-2015Fecal pollution source tracking toolbox for identification, evaluation and characterization of fecal contamination in receiving urban surface waters and groundwater.Tran, NH; Gin, KY-H; Ngo, HH
Jan-2006Federal collective bargaining after ElectroluxHarris, J
1-Dec-2015‘Federal Court declares multiple contraventions of fundraising and financial services laws in scheme targeting SMSF investors: ASIC v ActiveSuper [2015] FCA 342’Bowley, RN
Jan-2012Federal legislative activism in Australia: A new approach to testing Wagner's lawKirchner, SI
Aug-2008Federally funded national project — corporate responsibility and SMEsSainty, R
Jan-2006Feedback ArchitectureJakovich, J; Jakovich, J
Jan-2006The feedback channels in macroeconomics: analytical foundations for structural econometric model buildingChen, P; Chiarella, C; Flaschel, P; Semmler, W
2017Feedback for thought: examining the influence of feedback constituents on learning experienceAoun, C; Vatanasakdakul, S; Ang, KCS
Jan-2014Feedback Models for Learning, Teaching and PerformanceMolloy, E; Boud, DJ; Spector, JM; Merrill, MD; Elen, J; Bishop, MJ
Jan-2013Feedforward Decoupling Control Method in Grid-interfaced InverterPham, H; Hunter, G; Li, L; Zhu, J; Milanovic, PJV; Bartlett, PS; Ledwich, PG; McLeod, I; Hindsberger, DM; Gamble, MS
2006Feeding ecology and role of two common seagrass (posidonia australis) inhabiting fishes, the Monacanthids Meuschenia freycineti and Meuschenia trachylepisWressnig, Anna
Jan-2011Feeding Ecology Of King George Whiting Sillaginodes Punctatus (Perciformes) Recruits In Seagrass And Unvegetated Habitats. Does Diet Reflect Habitat Utilization?Jenkins, GS; Syme, A; Macreadie, PI
Jan-2007Feeding preferences of two seagrass grazing monacanthid fishesWressnig, A; Booth, DJ