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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Faculty of Science Handbook - 1997University of Technology Sydney
1998Faculty of Science Handbook - 1998University of Technology Sydney
1999Faculty of Science Handbook - 1999University of Technology Sydney
2000Faculty of Science Handbook - 2000University of Technology Sydney
2001Faculty of Science Handbook - 2001University of Technology Sydney
2002Faculty of Science Handbook - 2002University of Technology Sydney
2003Faculty of Science Handbook - 2003University of Technology Sydney
1994Faculty of Science Handbook -1994University of Technology Sydney
1991Faculty of Social Sciences Handbook - 1991University of Technology Sydney
1992Faculty of Social Sciences Handbook - 1992University of Technology Sydney
1993Faculty of Social Sciences Handbook - 1993University of Technology Sydney
1994Faculty of Social Sciences Handbook - 1994University of Technology Sydney
1-Jun-2017The Faecal Frontier: Miniaturising the Biosphere and Managing Waste in Deep SpaceWalker, JR; Granjou, C
2-Oct-2014Faecalibacterium prausnitzii Inhibits Interleukin-17 to Ameliorate Colorectal Colitis in RatsZhang, M; Qiu, X; Zhang, H; Yang, X; Hong, N; Yang, Y; Chen, H; Yu, C; Chamaillard, M
Jan-2006The Failed Constitutional ChallengeKeyzer, P
2016The failure of contemporary law and regulation to keep pace with growing complementary medicine (CM) use: The significance of examining 'hidden' gaps in Australia's current regulatory and legislative infrastructure'Sibbritt, D., Millbank, J., Stuhmcke, A., Kaye, M., Karpin, I. & Wardle, J.
3-Jul-2017The Failure of Success Factors: Lessons from Success and Failure Cases of Enterprise Architecture ImplementationHope, T; Chew, EK; Sharma, R; Bandi, RK; Kishore, R
Jan-2003Failure of the biotic ligand and free-ion activity models to explain zinc bioaccumulation by Chlorella kessleriiHassler, CS; Wilkinson, KJ
Jan-2011Failure possibilities for nuclear safety assessment by fault tree analysisPurba, J; Lu, J; Ruan, D; Zhang, G
9-Sep-2016Failure Prediction of Critical Cast Iron PipesKodikara, J; Valls Miro, J; Melchers, R