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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Implementation of a Quality of Services Feedback Control Loop on Programmable RoutersNguyen, D; Hoang, DB; Zhao, L; Lavian, T; Pung, H; Lee, F; Thanm, C; Kuttan, S
Jan-2006Implementation of a Z-matrix approach within the SIESTA periodic boundary conditions code and its application to surface adsorptionHoft, RC; Gale, JD; Ford, M
Jan-2006Implementation of advanced access in general practice: postal survey of practicesGoodall, S; Montgomery, A; Banks, J; Sampson, F; Pickin, M; Salisbury, C
Jan-2003An implementation of Bouchouev's method for a short time calibration of option pricing modelsChiarella, C; Craddock, MJ; El-Hassan, N
Jan-2005The implementation of electronic health knowledge management systems in a district health board: Respect and Protect Orr, M; Sankaran, S; James, P
Jan-2005Implementation of Fast Face Detection Algorithms for Mobile PhonesDa Silva, S; Agbinya, JI; Browne, D
2011Implementation of fuzzy methods to evaluate manufacturing performances as a basis for a high profit manufacturing resource plan in the fast moving consumer goods industryNiu, J
1-Oct-2015Implementation of medication review with follow-up in a Spanish community pharmacy and its achieved outcomesGarcia-Cardenas, V; Castrillon Ocampo, C; Martinez-Martinez, F; Benrimoj, SI; Amariles, P; Gastelurrutia, MA
Jan-2012Implementation of Opportunistic Cooperative Diversity in an Ad-Hoc Network using Commodity HardwareCooper, C; Hagelstein, B; Franklin, DR; Abderrezak Rachedi
2011The implementation of providing support in labour by a person of the birthing woman's choice at the Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH) in Papua New Guinea (PNG)Buasi, NO
Jan-2001Implementation of the Fresh Start Smoking Cessation Programme to 23 Antenatal Clinics: A randomized controlled trial investigation two methods of disseminationCooke, M; Mattick, RP; Walsh, RA
2-Sep-2014The Implementation of the NDIS: Who Wins, Who Loses?Green, J; Mears, J
2014An implementation of the path integrator mechanism of head direction cells for bio-mimetic navigationSinha, A; Wang, JJ
2016Implementation science in community pharmacy : development of frameworks, models and tools for introducing and integrating professional servicesMoullin, Joanna Claire
Apr-2016Implementing a palliative approach in the intensive care unit: an oxymoron or a realistic possibility?Athari, F; Davidson, PM; Hillman, KM; Phillips, J
Jan-2011Implementing a pharmacist charting service in the pre-admission clinicCao, B; Chow, C; Elliott, P; MacPherson, R; Crane, J; Bajorek, B
Jan-2004Implementing a Program in Sustainability for Engineers at University of Technology, Sydney: a story of intersecting agendasBryce, P; Johnston, SF; Yasukawa, K
Jan-2008Implementing and Validating an Environmental and Health Monitoring SystemMessina, M; Lim, Y; Lawrence, EM; Martin, DK; Kargl, F; IEEE
Jan-2009Implementing corporate social responsibility: A creative tension between regulation and corporate initiatives?Clarke, T; Klettner, AL; Aras, G; Crowther, D
1-Sep-2016Implementing Digital Media Presentations as Assessment Tools for Pharmacology StudentsReyna Zeballos, JL; Meier, P; Geronimo, F; Rodgers, K