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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014In situ assessment of structural timber using stress-wave measurementsDackermann, U; Crews, KI; Kasal, B; Li, J; Riggio, M; Rinn, F; Tannert, T
Jan-2002In situ beta cell death promotes priming of diabetogenic CD8 T lymphocytesZhang, Y; O'Brien, B; Trudeau, J; Tan, R; Santamaria, P; Dutz, JP
Jan-2009In situ chemical synthesis of SnO(2)-graphene nanocomposite as anode materials for lithium-ion batteriesYao, J; Shen, X; Wang, B; Liu, H; Wang, G
Jan-2011In situ dynamics of O2, pH and cyanobacterial transcripts associated with CCM, photosynthesis and detoxification of ROSJensen, SI; Steunou, A; Bhaya, D; Kuhl, M; Grossman, AR
Jan-2005In situ formation of BN nanotubes during nitriding reactionsYu, J; Chen, Y; Wuhrer, R; Liu, Z; Ringer, SP
Jan-2004In situ impact of multiple pulses of metal and herbicide on the seagrass| Zostera capricorniMacinnis-Ng, CM; Ralph, PJ
Jan-2003In situ impact of petrochemicals on the photosynthesis of the seagrass Zostera capricorniMacinnis-Ng, CM; Ralph, PJ
5-Apr-2015In situ investigation of combined organic and colloidal fouling for nanofiltration membrane using ultrasonic time domain reflectometryLi, X; Zhang, H; Hou, Y; Gao, Y; Li, J; Guo, W; Ngo, HH
Jan-2014The in situ light microenvironment of coralsWangpraseurt, D; Polerecky, L; Larkum, A; Ralph, PJ; Nielsen, DA; Pernice, M; Kuhl, M
Jan-2007An In Situ Method For The Study Of Strain Broadening Using Synchrotron X-ray DiffractionTang, C; Lynch, PA; Cheary, RW; Clark, S
Jan-2010In situ net primary productivity and photosynthesis of Antarctic sea ice algal, phytoplankton and benthic algal communitiesMcMinn, A; Pankowskii, A; Ashworth, C; Bhagooli, R; Ralph, PJ; Ryan, K
Jan-2007In situ organization of gold nanorods on mixed self-assembled-monolayer substratesZareie, HM; Xu, X; Cortie, MB
Jan-2012In Situ Oxygen Dynamics In Coral-Algal InteractionsWangpraseurt, D; Weber, M; Roy, H; Polerecky, L; de Beer, D; Suharsono, N
Jan-2004In situ precipitation of gold nanoparticles onto glass for potential architectural applicationsXu, X; Stevens, MG; Cortie, MB
Jan-2003In situ reversible electrochemical switching of the molecular first hyperpolarizabilityMcDonagh, AM; Clays, K; Persoons, A; Asselberghs, I; Ward, MD; McCleverty, JA
2010An in situ study of the cell wall utilising atomic force microscopyMahomudally, EM
Jan-2011In situ synthesis of Co(3)O(4)/graphene nanocomposite material for lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors with high capacity and supercapacitanceWang, B; Wang, Y; Park, J; Ahn, H; Wang, G
Jan-2012In situ thermal dynamics of shallow water corals is affected by tidal patterns and irradianceJimenez Denness, IM; Larkum, A; Ralph, PJ; Kuhl, M
Jan-2011In the Absence of Achievement: The Formation of New Team IdentificationLock, D; Taylor, TL; Darcy, SA
2015‘In the beginning all is chaos . . .’: Roaming the Dystopic Realm in Australian MulticulturalismJakubowicz, AH; Castles, S; Ozkul, D; Cubas, M