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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Apr-2017Farmscapes: property, ecological restoration and the reconciliation of human and nature in Australian agricultureGraham, N; Bartel, R
Jan-2003Fasciola Hepatica Cathepsin L-like Proteases: Biology, Function, And Potential In The Development Of First Generation Liver Fluke VaccinesDalton, JP; O'Neill, S; Stack, CM; Collins, PR; Walshe, AL; Sekiya, M; Doyle, S; Mulcahy, G; Hoyle, D; Khaznadji, E; Moire, N; Brennan, GP; Mousley, A; Kreshchenko, N; Maule, AG; Donnelly, SM
Jan-2008Fasciola hepatica expresses multiple alpha- and beta- tubulin isotypesRyan, LA; Hoey, E; Trudgett, A; Fairweather, I; Fuchs, M; Robinson, MW; Chambers, E; Timson, DJ; Ryan, E; Feltwell, T; Ivens, A; Bentley, G; Johnston, D
3-Apr-2015The Fasciola hepatica genome: gene duplication and polymorphism reveals adaptation to the host environment and the capacity for rapid evolution.Cwiklinski, K; Dalton, JP; Dufresne, PJ; La Course, J; Williams, DJ; Hodgkinson, J; Paterson, S
Oct-2016Fasciola hepatica Surface Tegument: Glycoproteins at the Interface of Parasite and Host.Ravidà, A; Cwiklinski, K; Aldridge, AM; Clarke, P; Thompson, R; Gerlach, JQ; Kilcoyne, M; Hokke, CH; Dalton, JP; O'Neill, SM
Oct-2014Fasciola hepatica tegumental antigens indirectly induce an M2 macrophage-like phenotype in vivo.Adams, PN; Aldridge, A; Vukman, KV; Donnelly, S; O'Neill, SM
Feb-2015Fasciola hepatica vaccine: we may not be there yet but we're on the right road.Molina-Hernández, V; Mulcahy, G; Pérez, J; Martínez-Moreno, Á; Donnelly, S; O'Neill, SM; Dalton, JP; Cwiklinski, K
Jan-2012Fasciola Hepatica Virulence-Associated Cysteine Peptidases: A Systems Biology PerspectiveMcVeigh, P; Maule, AG; Dalton, JP; Robinson, M
Jan-2013Fasciola hepatica: The therapeutic potential of a worm secretomeRobinson, MW; Dalton, JP; O'Brien, B; Donnelly, SM
1-Oct-2014Fashion acoustics: Synthesizing wearable electronics and digital musical instruments for performanceMurray-Leslie, A
Jan-2007Fashion and Fancy Dress: The Messel Family Dress Collection 1865-2005McNeil, PK
Jan-2010Fashion and social order: the early modern worldRiello, G; McNeil, PK; Riello, G; McNeil, P
2017Fashion and the social construction of femininity in North KoreaDalton, B; Jung, K; Willis, J
Jan-2013The 'Fashion Arts': Jean Michel Frank, Elsa Schiaparelli and the interwar aesthetic projectMcNeil, PK; Riello, G; Bruzzi, S; Church Gibson, P
2009Fashion Craft: Drawn ThreadsClifton-Cunningham, A
Jan-2010Fashion DesignersMcNeil, PK; Skov, L
Jan-2012Fashion HousesMcNeil, PK; McNeil, P; Wallenberg, L
Jan-2004The fashion of online learning adoption in Australian universitiesPratt, J; Elkin, G
Jan-2010The fashion revolution: the 'long' eighteenth centuryRiello, G; McNeil, PK; Riello, G; McNeil, P
Jan-2014Fashion Writing and Criticism: History, Theory, PracticeMcNeil, PK; Miller, S