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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008The impact of spinal cord injury on psychological statusCraig, AR; Tran, YH; Middleton, J; Voudouris, N; Mrowinski, V
Jan-2013The impact of spiritual care education upon preparing undergraduate nursing students to provide spiritual careCooper, K; Chang, E; Sheehan, A; Johnson, A
Jan-2005Impact of sport mega-event on destination image: The case of the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/JapanLee, C; Taylor, TL; Lee, Y; Lee, B
Jan-2002The Impact of Stakeholders Geographical Distribution on Managing Requirements in Multi-site OrganisationDamian, DE; Zowghi, D; Pohl, K; Dubois, E
Jan-1999The impact of statutory sanctions on the level and information content of voluntary corporate disclosureBrown, PR; Taylor, SL; Walter, TS
Jan-2005Impact of strategic dimensions on HRM and firm performance in SingaporeTeo, ST; Chew, I; -
8-Dec-2014Impact of student’s goal orientation in a flipped learning environmentWilley, K; Gardner, AP; Bainbridge-Smith, A; Qi, Z; Gupta, GS
Jan-2011Impact of sudden failure of cables on the dynamic performance of a cable-stayed bridgeAoki, Y; Samali, B; Saleh, A; Valipour Goudarzi, H; Ponnampalam, V; Ancich, E; Madrio, H
Jan-2013Impact of systemic insecticides on organisms and ecosystemsSanchez-Bayo, FP; Tennekes, HA; Goka, K; Stanislav Trdan
Jan-2007The impact of tax reform on corporate capital investment: Evidence from Australian panel dataRichardson, G; Lanis, R; Stewart, J; Hay, D
Jan-2012The impact of term-time paid work on academic performance in nursing students: A longitudinal studySalamonson, Y; Everett, B; Koch, J; Andrew, S; Davidson, PM
Jan-2008The impact of terrorism on tourism demandArana Padilla, JE; Leon, CJ
2010The impact of the Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young merger on the Australian audit services marketBond, DK
Jan-2013The impact of the Baby Friendly Health Initiative in the Australian health care system a critical narrative review of the evidenceAtchan, MA; Davis, D; Foureur, M
Jan-2004The impact of the Basel II capital accord on Australian banks.Docherty, PT; Terry, C; Trayler, RM; Gup, B
Sep-2012Impact of the Design of Neonatal Intensive Care Units on Neonates, Staff, and FamiliesShahheidari, M; Homer, CS
Jan-2011Impact of the excitation source and plasmonic material on cylindrical active coated nano-particles.Arslanagic, S; Liu, Y; Malureanu, R; Ziolkowski, RW
Sep-2014Impact of the Healthy Eating and Exercise Lifestyle Programme on depressive symptoms in overweight people with heart disease and diabetesGallagher, R; Zelestis, E; Hollams, D; Denney-Wilson, E; Kirkness, A
Jan-2009The Impact of the Indonesian Health Card Program: A Matching Estimator ApproachJohar, M
2006The impact of the Internet on English language teaching : a case study at a Thai Rajabhat UniversityNoytim, U