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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Are food choices really habitual? Integrating habits, variety seeking and compensatory choice in a utility maximizing frameworkAdamowicz, W; Swait, JRJD
Jan-2007Are Foreign Issuers Complying with Regulation Fair Disclosure?Mathew, P; Michayluk, D; Kofman, P
Jan-1987Are gamblers really risk takersBird, R; Mccrae, M; Beggs, J
Jan-2007Are health systems changing in support of patient safety? A multi-methods evaluation of education, attitudes and practice.Braithwaite, J; Westbrook, M; Travaglia, J; Iedema, RA; Mallock, NA; Long, D; Negus, P; Forsyth, R; Jorm, C; Pawsey, M
Jan-2012Are humans increasing bacterial evolvability?Gillings, MR; Stokes, H
Jan-2007Are interpretive and critical research methods useful for research in project management?Sankaran, S; Tay, BH; Earl, DG; Tam, DV; Milner, DS; Remington, DK; Tupicoff, MA; Tucker, MR
Jan-2011Are interventions recommended by pharmacists during Home Medicines Review evidence-based?Castelino, R; Bajorek, B; Chen, T
Jan-2004Are locally rare species abundant elsewhere in their geographical range?Murray, B; Lepschi, BJ
Jan-2002Are middle managers' beliefs about quality and their quality programs consistent and does this matter?Davis, D; Fisher, T; -
Jan-2009Are prorocentroid dinoflagellates monophyletic? A study of 25 species based on nuclear and mitochondrial genesMurray, SA; Ip, CL; Moore, R; Nagahama, Y; Fukuyo, Y
Jan-2009Are protein domains modules of lateral genetic transfer?Chan, CX; Darling, AE; Beiko, RG; Ragan, MA
Jan-2009Are Protein Domains Modules Of Lateral Genetic Transfer?Chan, C; Darling, AE; Beiko, R; Ragan, M
2009Are public transport, cycling and walking the answer to the anticipated growth in motorized traffic?Sharples, R; not aware
Jan-2009Are Random Pure States Useful for Quantum ComputationBremner, MJ; Mora, C; Winter, A
21-Apr-2015Are Relational Contracting Approaches Applicable to Public Projects in China?Hao, W; Ding, H; Ke, Y; Wang, Y
Jan-2011Are salinity tolerances of non-native macroinvertebrates in France an indicator of potential for their translocation in a new area?Piscart, C; Kefford, B; Beisel, J
Jan-2002Are salts toxicants?Kefford, B; Papas, P; Crowther, M; Nugegoda, D
Jan-2005Are skills learned in nursing transferable to other careers?Duffield, CM; O'Brien-Pallas, L; Aitken, LM
Jan-2009Are SME printers accidental environmentalists?Lawrence, PW; Davis, D; Benn, SH; Beaumont, N
Jan-2014Are sustainable building retrofits delivering sustainable outcomes?Wilkinson, SJ