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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003Infanticide and Kiddush HaShem: An historical perspective.Ben-Sefer, EJ
-InfaSecure car seat-
-InfaSecure computer-
-InfaSecure demo-
-InfaSecure Prototype-
Jan-2008The infection control management of MRSA within the acute care hospitalHalcomb, E; Fernandez, RS; Griffiths, R; Newton, PJ; Hickman, L
Jan-2012Infection control systems in transition: the challenges for post-Soviet Bloc countriesIder, B; Adams, J; Morton, A; Whitby, M; Clements, A
2004Inference and intraday analysis of diversified world stock indicesKelly, L
Jan-2011Inference and prediction in a multiple-structural-break modelGeweke, J; Jiang, Y
Jan-2008Inference from genome-wide association studies using a novel Markov modelHosking, FJ; Sterne, JA; Smith, GD; Green, PJ
2014Inference of biogeographical ancestry and pigmentation phenotype using single nucleotide polymorphismsCastel, CV
2010Inference Of Homologous Recombination In Bacteria Using Whole-genome SequencesDidelot, X; Lawson, D; Darling, A; Falush, D
Jan-2009Inference on forward exchange rate risk premium: Reviewing signal extraction methodsBhar, R; Chiarella, C
9-May-2016Inference on Modelling Cross-sectional Dependence for a Varying-Coefficient ModelPeng, B
Jan-2006Inference on survival data with covariate measurement error - an imputation approachLi, Y; Ryan, LM
Jan-2004Inferential expectationsMenzies, GD; Zizzo, D; -
Jan-2009Inferential expectationsMenzies, GD; Zizzo, D
Jan-2013Inferred And Stated Attribute Non-attendance In Food Choice ExperimentsScarpa, R; Zanoli, R; Bruschi, V; Naspetti, S
-Inferring Coupling of Distributed Dynamical Systems via Transfer EntropyCliff, OM; Prokopenko, M; Fitch, R
Jan-2009Inferring Genomic Flux In BacteriaDidelot, X; Darling, AE; Falush, D