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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2014From theory to practice in track geomechanics - Australian perspective for synthetic inclusionsIndraratna, B; Nimbalkar, S; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
2005From there to here : Australian studio potters/ceramic artists - postwar to postmillenniumWeiss, K
Jan-2010From Tree to Graph - Experiments with E-Spring AlgorithmKumar, P; Zhang, K; Huang, M; Huang, ML; Nguyen, QV; Zhang, K
1-Jan-2014From turing machines to dynamic networks: The future of computational art systemsEdmonds, E
Jan-2008From union clinics to barefoot doctors: healers, medical pluralism, and state medicine in Chinese villages, 1950-1970Fang, X
Jan-2006From union inspired to industry led: How Australian Labour's training reform experiment turned sourBrown, T
2014From valuing design to designing valueDoherty, R; Wrigley, C; Matthews, JH; Bucolo, S
Jan-2008From vietnam to iraq: negative trends in television war reportingManiaty, AE
Jan-2004From vocation to profession: the quest for professionalization of nursingYam, BM
Jan-2012From Whaling To Whale Watching: Examining Sustainability And Cultural RhetoricCunningham, PA; Huijbens, E; Wearing, SL
4-Aug-2014From Words to Models: A Bibliometric Approach to Designing Agent-Based Models in EntrepreneurshipShim, J; Bliemel, MJ; Choi, M
Jan-2009From Zhang Neural Network to Newton Iteration for Matrix InversionZhang, Y; Ma, W; Cai, B
13-Jun-2016From ‘Latinidad’ to ‘Latinid@des’: Imagining the Twenty-first CenturyAllatson, P
1-Jan-2015The front line of social capital creation - A natural experiment in symbolic interactionPatulny, R; Siminski, P; Mendolia, S
Jan-2009A Front-End for Collaborative Task Planning on the GridPhung, M; Hoang, DB; Lawrence, EM; McQuay, WK; Smari, WW
Jul-2011Front-line managers as boundary spanners: effects of span and time on nurse supervision satisfactionMeyer, RM; O'Brien-Pallas, L; Doran, D; Streiner, D; Ferguson-Pare, M; Duffield, CM
Jan-2004Front-loading, workplace learning and skill developmentHager, P
30-Oct-2017Frontiers in EducationGoldsmith, RJ; Willey, K; Covert, C
1-Dec-2014Fruit and vegetable consumption and risk of esophageal cancer: a case-control study in north-west ChinaTang, L; Lee, AH; Xu, F; Zhang, T; Lei, J; Binns, CW
Jan-2009An FSMC Model for the ACM Scheme with Repetition Coding in Mobile WiMAXNguyen, D; Vu, TX; Nguyen, TQ; Nguyen, NM; Nguyen, VM; Tran, VH; Tran, XT