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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014High-strength concrete incorporating copper slag and ground pumiceBehnood, A
Jan-2013High-strength self-compacting concrete for sustainable constructionSri Ravindrarajah, R; Samali, B; Attard, MM; Song, C
Feb-2015High-temperature effect on genes engaged in DNA methylation and affected by DNA methylation in Arabidopsis.Naydenov, M; Baev, V; Apostolova, E; Gospodinova, N; Sablok, G; Gozmanova, M; Yahubyan, G
Jan-2010High-Temperature Mechanical Properties of ConcreteBastami, M; Aslani, F; Omran, M
Jan-2012High-temperature Superconducting Linear Synchronous Motors Integrated With HTS Magnetic Levitation ComponentsJin, J; Zheng, L; Guo, Y; Zhu, J; Grantham, C; Sorrell, CC; Xu, W
24-Jun-2013A high-temperature superconducting monolithic microwave integrated Josephson down-converter with high conversion efficiencyDu, J; Zhang, T; Guo, YJ; Sun, XW
Jan-2009High-temperature thermal destruction of poultry derived wastes for energy recovery in AustraliaFlorin, N; Maddocks, A; Wood, S; Harris, AT
21-Jun-2013High-throughput 3-dimensional time-resolved spectroscopy: Simultaneous characterisation of luminescence properties in spectral and temporal domainsZhang, L; McKay, A; Jin, D
1-Dec-2016High-throughput assay for quantification of the plasma concentrations of thiopental using automated solid phase extraction (SPE) directly coupled to LC-MS/MS instrumentation.Moosavi, SM; Shekar, K; Fraser, J; Smith, MT; Ghassabian, S
Aug-2012High-throughput assay for simultaneous quantification of the plasma concentrations of morphine, fentanyl, midazolam and their major metabolites using automated SPE coupled to LC-MS/MS.Ghassabian, S; Moosavi, SM; Valero, YG; Shekar, K; Fraser, JF; Smith, MT
Jan-2009High-value niche production: what Australian wineries might learn from a Bordeaux first growthAylward, DK; Carey, G
Jan-2012High-voltage power supplies to capillary and microchip electrophoresisBlanes, L; Tomazelli Coltro, WK; Saito, RM; Van Gramberg, AA; do Lago, CL; Doble, PA
8-Mar-2017Higher Degree Research by Numbers: Beyond the Critique of Neo-liberalismLaurie, T; Grealy, L
14-Nov-2016Higher Education in Management: The Case of AustraliaGreen, R; Berti, M; Sutton, N; Dameron, S; Durand, T
2016Higher Order Plasmonic Modes Excited in Ag Triangular Nanoplates by an Electron BeamKeast, VJ; Walhout, CJ; Pedersen, T; Shahcheraghi, N; Cortie, MB; Mitchell, DRG
Jan-2009Higher order prediction for sub-pixel motion estimationMudugamuwa, D; He, S; Ahn, C; Yang, J; al, LKE
30-Jan-2017Higher Order ThinkingHilton, A; Hilton, G; Pendergast, DL; Main, K; Bahr, NM
Sep-2013Higher prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus following assisted reproduction technology treatment.Wang, YA; Nikravan, R; Smith, HC; Sullivan, EA
Jan-2009Higher taxa are effective surrogates for species in the selection of conservation reserves in estuariesShokri, MR; Gladstone, W
Jan-2012Higher unprocessed red meat, chicken and fish intake is associated with a higher vegetable intakein mid-age non-vegetarian womenJenkins, L; Mcevoy, M; Patterson, A; Sibbritt, D