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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Innovators, exporters and new skills developmentMartinez-Fernandez, C; Sharpe, SA
Jan-2004Inorganic positive uniaxial films fabricated by serial bidepositionHodgkinson, IJ; Wu, QH; De Silva, L; Arnold, MD
2006Inositol Phospholipids Localized To Caveolae In Rat Heart Are Regulated By Alpha(1)-Adrenergic Receptors And By Ischemia-ReperfusionLanzafame, A; Turnbull, L; Amiramahdi, F; Arthur, J; Huynh, H; Woodcock, E
2009Inpatient care to community care: improving clinical handover in the private mental health settingWood, S; Campbell, A; Marden, J; Schmidtman, L; Blundell, G; Sheerin, N; Davidson, P
Jan-2007Input-dependent neural network trained by real-coded genetic algorithm and its industrial applicationsLing, SS; Leung, FH; Lam, H
Jan-2014Input-to-state stability of a class of descriptor systemsZhou, J; Zhang, Q; Men, B; Huang, S
Jan-2013Input-to-state stability of a class of Lur'e descriptor systemsYang, C; Zhang, Q; Huang, S
Jan-2006Inquiries of every imaginable kind: Ethnomethodology, practical action and the new socially situated learning theoryFox, S
16-Jun-2015Inquiry into Crimes Legislation Amendment (Powers, Offences and Other Measures) Bill 2015Burn, JM
2006An inquiry into PBNM system performance required for massive scale telecommunication applicationsMagrath, Shane
Jan-2011An Inquiry into the Design and Aesthetics of the Venice Biennale PavilionsManasseh, C; Favaro, P
Jan-2004INS algorithm using quaternion model for low cost IMUKong, X
Jan-2017Insect Herbivores of Rice: Their Natural Regulation and Ecologically Based ManagementHorgan, FG; Chauhan, BS; Jabran, K; Mahajan, G
2003Insect- and vertebrate-selective neurotoxins from Australian urodacid and buthid scorpion venoms : lead compounds for novel biopesticidesWilson, HL
Jan-2007Insect-selective spider toxins targeting voltage-gated sodium channelsNicholson, GM
Jan-2013The insecticidal neurotoxin Aps III is an atypical knottin peptide that potently blocks insect voltage-gated sodium channelsBende, NS; Kang, EJ; Herzig, V; Bosmans, F; Nicholson, GM; Mobli, M; King, GF
Jan-2012Insecticides mode of action in relation to their toxicity to non-target organismsSanchez-Bayo, FP
-InsecurityStewart, C; Haliday, J; London, DAGF
Jan-2014Inside Jill Meagher's Handbag: Looking at Open JusticeBiber, K
Jan-2009The Inside of Space: Some Issues Concerning Heterogeneity, the Interior and the WeatherRice, CE; Hensel, M; Hight, C; Menges, A