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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2001Independent Review of Container Deposit Legislation in NSW - Vol 3. Consultation and Social ResearchWhite, S; Aisbett, E; Awad, I; Bubna-Litic, K; Calvert, F; Chanan, V; Cordell, DJ; Hendriks, C; Lee, N; O'Rourke, A; Palmer, J; Robinson, J; Sarac, K; Young, E
Jan-2012Independent review of the Coalpac environmental assessmentLederwasch, AJ; Mukheibir, P
Jan-2009An independent review of the need for Tillegra DamFane, SA; Retamal, ML; White, S
Jan-2009An Indeterminate Archive for David Rokeby's Giver of NamesMuller, E; jones, C; Cubitt, S; Thomas, P
Jan-2004Index design and implications for index trackingFrino, A; Gallagher, DR; Neubert, A; Oetomo, T
Jun-2014Index Finger Motion Recognition Using Self-Advise Support Vector MachineAnam, K; Al-Jumaily, A; Maali, Y
Jan-2005Index tracking in Australian equitiesFrino, A; Gallagher, DR; Oetomo, T
Jan-2005The index tracking strategies of passive and enhanced index equity fundsFrino, A; Gallagher, DR; Oetomo, T
Jan-2005Indexing Audio-Visual Digital Media: The Pathway PrototypeLeggett, MG
Jan-2003Indexing by Conditional Association SemanticsYan, X; Zhang, C; Zhang, S; Qin, Z; Khosrow-Pour, M
Jan-2009Indexing the multiple: An Autobiographic account of education through the lens of Deleuze & GuattariCole, DR; Masny, D; Cole, DR
Jan-2007Indian culture and the culture of TQM: A comparisonKumar, MR; Sankaran, S
Jan-2009'Indian Ocean News': Indian challenges to Australian Racialised MediaGoodall, H
Jan-2010The Indiana experiment: Investigating the role of anticipation and attention in a dynamic environmentJohansson, B; Balkenius, C; Doncieux, S; Girard, B; Guillot, A; Hallam, J; Meyer, JA; Mouret, JB
Jan-2006Indications from Sustainability IndicatorsGhosh, S; Vale, R; Vale, B
Jan-2011Indicator of the quality of the sensor set up: A study using Surface EMG on sub-band ICANaik, G; Kumar, DK
Jan-2013Indicators for heritage buildings sustainabilityLiusman, E; Ho, DC; Ge, J; Hájek, P; Tywoniak, J; Lupísek, A; Sojková, K
Jan-2004Indicators of biofilm development and activity in constructed wetlands microcosmsRagusa, SR; McNevin, D; Qasem, S; Mitchell, CA
Jan-2005Indicators of strategic HRM effectiveness: A case study of an Australian public sector agency during commercializationTeo, ST; Crawford, JD
Jan-2014Indices of vegetation activityHuete, A; Miura, T; Yoshioka, H; Ratana, P; Broich, M; Hanes, JM