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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-May-2014Influenza vaccination during pregnancy: a qualitative study of the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices of general practitioners in Central and South-Western SydneyMaher, LM; Dawson, A; Wiley, K; Hope, K; Torvaldsen, S; Lawrence, G; Conaty, S
12-Nov-2013Influenza vaccination during pregnancy: Coverage rates and influencing factors in two urban districts in SydneyMaher, LM; Hope, K; Torvaldsen, S; Lawrence, G; Dawson, A; Wiley, K; Thomson, D; Hayen, A; Conaty, S
2005Informal and popular education in youth and community work : seeking insights for Australian theory and practice from theories and practices in Germany and SingaporeFlowers, R
Jan-2010Informal care and home-based palliative care: The health-related quality of life of carersKenny, PM; Hall, JP; Zapart, S; Davis, P
Jan-2011The Informal Economy is an Employer, a Nuisance, and a Goldmine: Multiple Representations of and Responses to Informality in Accra, GhanaGeorge, BM; Obeng-Odoom, F
Jan-2011Informal Knowledge and InnovationAlmeida, P; Hohberger, JS; Parada, P; Easterby-Smith, M; Lyles, MA
26-Nov-2016Informal Payments and Regulations in China's Healthcare System Red Packets and Institutional ReformYang, J
2016Informal real estate brokerage as a socially-embedded market for economic developmentObeng-Odoom, F
Jan-2011The informal sector in Ghana under siegeObeng-Odoom, F
Jan-2013Informal Skill Formation And The Division Of Labour: The Case Of Korean Tiling Workers In SydneyShin, JS; Mcgrath-Champ, S
Jan-2004Informating the Curious Negotiator: Automatic News Extraction from the InternetZhang, DD; Simoff, SJ; Simoff, S; Williams, G
Jan-2007Information Acceleration Effects on New Product Purchase Intention: The Case of Blu-Ray DVD RecordersWaller, DS; Wang, PZ; Oppewal, H; Morrison, MD; Thyne, M; Deans, K; Gnoth, J
Jan-2012Information accessChowdhury, GG; Foo, S; Chowdhury, GG; Foo, S
Jan-2008Information aggregation in standing and ad hoc committeesAli, N; Goeree, J; Kartik, N; Palfrey, T
Jan-2010The information and support needs of Faroese women hospitalised with an acute coronary syndromeAskham, J; Kuhn, L; Frederiksen, K; Davidson, PM; Edward, K; Worrall-Carter, L
5-Dec-2016An Information Behaviour Approach to Conspiracy Theories: Listening in on Voices from Within the Vaccination DebateNarayan, B; preljevic, M
Jan-2009The information content of Australian credit ratings: A comparison between subscription and non-subscription credit rating agenciesChan, PT; Edwards, V; Walter, TS
Jan-2011The information content of cash dividend announcements in a unique environmentAl-Yahyaee, K; Pham, TM; Walter, TS
Jan-2009Information design and the world that comes before usMcLaughlin, SM
Jan-2008Information Discovery in Ambiguous Zones of ResearchSukovic, S