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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Interventions in Possibilistic LogicBenferhat, S; Dubois, D; Prade, H
3-Sep-2016Interventions that improve health-related quality of life in patients with myocardial infarctionGholizadeh, L; Kang, K; Inglis, SC; Han Hae-Ra
16-Mar-2015Interventions to Reduce Harm from Smoking with Families in Infancy and Early Childhood: A Systematic ReviewBrown, N; Luckett, T; Davidson, PM; DiGiacomo, M
Jan-2012Interventions to support a palliative care approach in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: An integrative review.Disler, RT; Currow, D; Phillips, JL; Davidson, PM
8-Oct-2012Interview - Learning AnalyticsBaer, L
Jan-2003An Interview with Jonathan FranzenCarey, G
Jan-2011Interviewing people about potentially sensitive topicsElmir, R; Schmied, V; Jackson, DE; Wilkes, L
12-Mar-2007Interworking between WLAN and 3G Cellular Networks: An IMS Based ArchitectureVucetic, B; Munasinghe, KS; Jamalipour, A
15-Jan-2015Intimacy and emotional labour in academic developmentKelly, A
Jan-2002Intimate Strangers: law, genetics, Globalisation and the 'Human Family'Karpin, IA; O'Connell, K
9-Jul-2013Intimate Terrorists Iron Fist In Velvet GlovePrice, J
1-Feb-2015Into the Groove? Popular Music and Contemporary German FictionHurley, AW
Jan-2008Into the Locative: Grass Roots Cultural Production and the Digitalization of Urban BordersVanni Accarigi, I; Cmielewski, C; ISEA2008
24-Sep-2010Into the Streets: Day 1 - IntroductionGoodall, H; Davis, K; Minnis, D
24-Sep-2010Into the Streets: Day 1 - Session 1: Different ages of activismDabarera, N; O'Grady, D; Cotterell, C; Jennings, R
24-Sep-2010Into the Streets: Day 1 - Session 2: Sewing and singingMinnis, D; Abello, D
24-Sep-2010Into the Streets: Day 1 - Session 3: Radical ActivismAbello, D; Evans, R; Willett, G
24-Sep-2010Into the Streets: Day 1 - WelcomeGoodall, H; Minnis, D; Davis, K
25-Sep-2010Into the Streets: Day 2 - Session 1: The beginnings of the movementWills, S; Black, I; Watson, L
25-Sep-2010Into the Streets: Day 2 - Session 2: CAMP and the early daysFrench, R; Bonsall-Boone, P; Watson, L; Trebilco, P; Eglington, C; Thomas, L; Wills, S; Chetcuti, J; Bowers, C