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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003Field Assessment of Local Scour at Bridge SitesMcLean, JT; Beecham, SC; Kandasamy, JK; Ball, DJ; Babbister, MM
Jan-2004A field based study of ferrous metal corrosion in groundwaterMcLaughlan, RG; Stuetz, RM
Aug-2015Field comparison of methods for estimating groundwater discharge by evaporation and evapotranspiration in an arid-zone playaShanafield, M; Cook, PG; Gutierrez-Jurado, HA; Faux, R; Cleverly, J; Eamus, D
Jan-2002Field evaluation of repellent formulations against daytime and nighttime biting mosquitoes in a tropical rainforest in Northern AustraliaFrances, SP; Dung, NV; Beebe, NW; Debboun, M
Jan-2004Field evaluation of repellent formulations containing deet and picaridin against mosquitoes in Northern Territory| AustraliaFrances, SP; Waterson, D; Beebe, NW; Cooper, RD
Jan-2001Field Evaluation of Repellents Containig Deet and AI3-37220 Against Anopheles Koliensis in Papua New GuineaFrances, SP; Cooper, RD; Popat, S; Beebe, NW
Jan-2010Field evidence for pervasive indirect effects of fishing on prey foraging behaviorMadin, EM; Gaines, SD; Warner, R
2017A field guide to love and the Los Angeles RiverHinton, Tilly Marie
Jan-2007A field investigation into the effects of progressive rainfall-induced soil seal and crust development on runoff and erosion rates: The impact of surface coverNeave, M; Rayburg, SC
Jan-2002Field measurements of amplitude-dependent damping in a 79-storey tall building and its efects on the structural dynamic responsesLi, QS; Yang, K; Zhang, N; Wong, CK; Jeary, AP
Jan-2002Field measurements of amplitude-dependent damping in a 79-story tall building and its effects on the structural dynamic responsesLi, Q; Yang, K; Zhang, N; wong, K; Jeary, A
1-Jan-2017Field Or Fields? Building The Scaffolding For Cumulation Of Research On Institutional FieldsZietsma, C; Groenwegen, P; Logue, DM; Hinings, CR
Jan-2004Field profiles for spherical conductive nanoparticles and metallic-shell/dielectric-core nano-compositesSchelm, S; Smith, G; McCall, M
Jan-2001Field studies of requirements engineering in a multi-site software development organization: research in progressZowghi, D; Damian, DE; Offen, R; Publisher
2016Field Studies of Thermal Comfort Across Multiple Climate Zones for the Subcontinent: India Model for Adaptive Comfort (IMAC)Manu, S; Shukla, Y; Rawal, R; Thomas, LE; de Dear, R
Jan-1997A field study of spatial ecology and movements of a threatened snake species, Hoplocephalus bungaroidesWebb, JK; Shine, R
2016Field triage to primary percutaneous coronary intervention: Factors influencing health-related quality of life for patients aged ≥70 and <70 years with non-complicated ST-elevation myocardial infarction.Soo Hoo, SY; Gallagher, R; Elliott, D
Jan-2011Field-based pre-cooling for on-court tennis conditioning training in the heatDuffield, R; Bird, S; Ballard, R
Jan-1994Field-Measurements Of Net Photosynthesis And Related Parameters In 4 Provenances Of Acacia-AuriculiformisCole, S; Woo, K; Eamus, D; Harwood, C; Haines, M
19-Jun-2018Field-oriented control based on hysteresis band current controller for a permanent magnet synchronous motor driven by a direct matrix converterZhang, J; Yang, H; Wang, T; Li, L; Dorrell, DG; Lu, DD-C