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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Flooding Regime Impacts on Radiation, Evapotranspiration, and latent energy fluxes over groundwater-dependent riparian cottonwood and saltdedar forestsCleverly, J; Thibault, JR; Teet, SB; Tashjian, P; Hipps, LE; Dahm, CN; Eamus, D
2005Flourish: knitted Stomacher and PocketClifton-Cunningham, A; Liz Williamson and Marnie Kuypers
Jan-2011Flow About an Oscillating Plate Used to Extract Sea-Wave EnergyMahmood, F; Huynh, P; Engineers, ASOM
Jan-2012Flow about an Oscillating Plate, Made of a Flexible Material, Used to Extract Sea-Wave EnergyMahmood, F; Huynh, P; Brandner, PA; Pearce, BW
2016Flow and coral morphology control coral surface pH: Implications for the effects of ocean acidification.Chan, N; Wangpraseurt, D; Kuhl, M; Conolly, S
Jan-2011Flow cytometric analysis of microparticles.van der Heyde, HC; Gramaglia, I; Combes, V; George, TC; Grau, GE
Jan-2006Flow cytometric analysis of virus-like particles and heterotrophic bacteria within coral-associated reef waterPatten, NL; Seymour, JR; Mitchell, JG
Jan-2010Flow cytometric assessment of Cd genotoxicity in three plants with different metal accumulation and detoxification capacitiesMonteiro, M; Rodriguez, E; Loureiro, J; Mann, RM; Soares, AM; Santos, C
19-Nov-2013Flow Cytometry-Assisted Mix-and-Read Assay for Ultrasensitive Detection of Protein Kinase Activity by use of Zr4+-Functionalized Mesoporous SiO2 MicrospheresRen, W; Liu, C; Lian, S; Li, Z
Jan-2013The flow of phosphorus in food production and consumption systemNeset, TS; Cordell, DJ; Andersson, L; Renegel, Z
Jan-2008Flow rule effects in the Tresca modelTaiebat, HA; Carter, JP
Jan-2012FLOW STRUCTURE AND SAFE REGION FOR FISH HABITAT IN RIVERSKeshavarzy, A; Ball, JE; Moghadam, MK; Mader, H; Kraml, J
1-May-2012Flow toxicity and liquidity in a high-frequency worldEasley, D; López De Prado, MM; O'Hara, M
Jan-2003Flowchart Components for Program VisualisationLai, W; Eades, PD; Huang, M; Zhang, K
Jan-2011A Flowchart Language For Quantum ProgrammingYing, M; Feng, Y
Jan-2011FLOWERING LOCUS C (FLC) regulates development pathways throughout the life cycle of ArabidopsisDeng, W; Ying, H; Helliwell, C; Taylor, J; Peacock, J; Dennis, ES
Jan-2010Flowers in the Art of Dress across the WorldMcNeil, PK; Eicher Joanne, B; Tortora Phyllis, G
Feb-2013Flower‐visitor networks only partially predict the function of pollen transport by beesPOPIC, TONYJ; WARDLE, GLENDAM; DAVILA, YVONNEC
1-Nov-2017Flows and heat transfer of the transition to an unsteady state in a finned cavity for different Prandtl numbersMa, J; Xu, F; Saha, SC