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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Information Technology and the Experience of DisorderMarshall, J
2001Information Technology and the QS PracticeSmith, P
Jan-2009Information Technology Strategy and Management: Best PracticesChew, EK; Gottschalk, P
Jan-2001An information technology system for management of a maintenance engineering projectMadadnia, J; Koosha, H; Hau, D; Callaos, N; Hu, Y; Rodriguez, M; Ha, Q
Jan-2010Information Theory Based Intelligent AgentsLawrence, EM; Debenham, JK; Garcia-Pedrajas, N; Herrera, F; Fyfe, C; Manuel Benitez, J; Ali, M
Jan-2003Information transfer and press coverage: The case of the Gawler Craton gold boomFerguson, AC; Crockett, A
Jan-2011Information users and usability in the digital ageChowdhury, GG; Chowdhury, S
1996Information utilisation : a cognitive analysis of how girls utilise drug information based on Brookes' fundamental equation K[S] + ∆I = K[S + ∆S]Todd, Ross James
Jan-2004Information utilization, marketing planning, and marketing performance: a study of New Zealand manufacturers.Souchon, AL; Cadogan, J; Procter, D; Lings, IN; Wiley, J; Thirkell, P
Jan-2001Information Visualization of Attributed Relational DataHuang, M; Eades, P; Pattison, T
22-Jul-2015The Information Worlds of Conspiracy Theories: A Case Study of Anti-vaccination Groups on Social MediaNarayan, B; Preljevic, M
Jan-2013Information,Knowledge and the Organisation of the Olympic GamesHalbwirth, S; Toohey, KM; Frawley, S; Adair, D
Jan-2007Information-Based AgencyDebenham, JK; Sierra, C; Veloso, MM
Jan-2005An Information-based agentDebenham, JK; Marik, V; Brennan, RU; Dechoucek, M
Jan-2009Information-Based ArgumentationSierra, C; Debenham, JK; Goebel, R; Siekmann, J; Wahlster, A
Jan-2008Information-based DeliberationSierra, C; Debenham, JK; Padgham, L; Parkes, D
Jan-2005An Information-Based model for trustSierra, C; Debenham, JK; Dignum, F; Dignum, V; Koenig, S; Kraus, S; Singh, M; Wooldridge, M
Jan-2008Information-Based Planning and StrategiesDebenham, JK; Bramer, M
Jan-2009Information-based ReputationSierra, C; Debenham, JK; Mario Paolucci
1-Jan-2015Information-based view initialization in visual SLAM with a single omnidirectional cameraValiente, D; Ghaffari Jadidi, M; Valls Miró, J; Gil, A; Reinoso, O