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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Inference on survival data with covariate measurement error - an imputation approachLi, Y; Ryan, LM
Jan-2004Inferential expectationsMenzies, GD; Zizzo, D; -
Jan-2009Inferential expectationsMenzies, GD; Zizzo, D
Jan-2013Inferred And Stated Attribute Non-attendance In Food Choice ExperimentsScarpa, R; Zanoli, R; Bruschi, V; Naspetti, S
-Inferring Coupling of Distributed Dynamical Systems via Transfer EntropyCliff, OM; Prokopenko, M; Fitch, R
Jan-2009Inferring Genomic Flux In BacteriaDidelot, X; Darling, AE; Falush, D
2-Dec-2014Inferring player experiences using facial expressions analysisTan, CT; Bakkes, S; Pisan, Y
Jan-2004Inferring the forward looking equity risk premium from derivative pricesBhar, R; Chiarella, C; Runggaldier, WJ
Jan-2013Infertile? The emotional labour of sensitive and feminist research methodologiesCarroll, KE
Aug-2014An Infinite Adaptive Online Learning Model for Segmentation and Classification of Streaming DataBargi, A; Xu, RYD; Piccardi, M; Heiden, A
2015Infinite author topic model based on mixed gamma-negative binomial processXuan, J; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Xu, RYD; Luo, X
24-Jul-2015Infinite projected entangled pair states algorithm improved: Fast full update and gauge fixingPhien, HN; Bengua, JA; Tuan, HD; Corboz, P; Orus, R
Jan-2011Infinite-time and finite-time synchronization of coupled harmonic oscillatorsCheng, S; Ji, J; Zhou, J
-InfinityAnderson, B; Bobrova, Y; Glazko, A; Nelson, S; Schlinder, S; Kühnast, S
Jan-2009Infinity-norm acceleration minimization of robotic redundant manipulators using the LVI-based primal-dual neural networkZhang, Y; Yin, J; Cai, B
Jan-2012Inflammatory and thrombotic changes in early bereavement: A prospective evaluationBuckley, T; Morel-Kopp, M; Ward, C; Bartrop, R; McKinley, SM; Mihailidou, AS; Spinaze, M; Chen, W; Tofler, G
Jan-2011Inflation and unemployment in competitive search equilibriumDong, M
Jan-2010Inflation and varietyDong, M
Jan-2009Influence and power dynamics in client-consultant teamsNikolova, N; Devinney, TM
Jan-2011The influence building codes and fire regulations have on multi-storey timber construction in australiaHolmes, MI; Crews, KI; Ding, GK; Huovila Pekka