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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014Innovative Citizen Involvement for Creating Public Value in Local GovernmentRyan, R
Jan-2010Innovative Communication in Global Tourism E-Commerce Sites- A Cultural AspectKang, K; Qian, Y; Technical Committee
29-Jun-2016Innovative construction and the role of boundary objects: a Gehry case studyNaar, L; Nikolova, N; Forsythe, P
8-May-2017An innovative control strategy for a hybrid energy storage system (HESS)sun, L; zhang; Awadallah; Walker, P
17-May-2017Innovative data-driven “along-the-pipe” condition assessment for critical water mainsShi, L; Valls Miro, J; Vidal Calleja, T; Vitanage, D; Rajalingam, J
Jan-2006Innovative design in ebusiness for global customers - a cultural aspectKang, K; Remenyi, D
Jan-2005An innovative interactive web-enabled learning space for exploring intelligent mobile sensor networks and their business applicationsStanton, CJ; Williams, M; Brookes, W; Lawrence, E; Steele, R; Chang, E
2009Innovative machine learning techniques for security detection problemsTran, TP
2003Innovative mechanical design with a case study of pumping systems for low yield tube wellsDartnall, WJ
Jan-2011An innovative method to accommodate Chinese medicine pattern diagnosis within the framework of evidence-based medical researchBerle, CA; Cobbin, DM; Smith, NF; Zaslawski, CJ
Jan-2007An innovative model for sustainable cost effective management of stormwater drainage assetsKannapiran, A; Chanan, AP; Singh, G; Tambosis, P; Jeyakumaran, JM; Kandasamy, JK
Jan-2007An innovative model of an aged care hostel in the prison setting: Process of benchmarking and evaluationCashin, AJ; Chenoweth, L; Jeon, Y; Potter, E
-An innovative model of leadership development for the not-for-profit aged and community care sectorCartwright, C; Ryan, N; Sankaran, SHANKAR; Soar, J
2016The innovative power of network dynamicsJosserand, EL; Clegg, S; Pitsis, T; Mehra, A
2003Innovative product design conceptualization with oil-less two-stroke engine as a case studyRoser, H
Jan-2011An Innovative Prognostic Model For Predicting Diabetes Risk In The Thai PopulationPongchaiyakul, C; Kotruchin, P; Wanothayaroj, E; Nguyen, T
Jan-2013Innovative programming and social engagement in art institutions: An Australian case studyLeimbach, T
Jan-2011An Innovative Self-Adaptive Configuration Optimization System in Cloud ComputingJiang, J; Guerrero, JE
9-Dec-2014Innovative semi-active storey isolation system utilising novel magnetorheological elastomer base isolatorsGu, X; Li, J; Li, Y
Mar-2016Innovative sponge-based moving bed–osmotic membrane bioreactor hybrid system using a new class of draw solution for municipal wastewater treatment.Nguyen, NC; Chen, SS; Nguyen, HT; Ray, SS; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Lin, PH