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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Is there redundancy in bioengineering for molluscan assemblages on the rocky shores of central Chile?Kelaher, BP; Castilla, JC; Prado, L
Jan-2013Is There Self-Similarity in Cloud QoS Data?Rehman, Z; Hussain, FK; Hussain, O; Singh, J; James, A; Fei, X; Chao, KM; Chung, JY
Jan-2012Is There Social Justice in Sentencing Indigenous Offenders?Anthony, T
2008Is trastuzumab a cost-effective treatment for breast cancer?Younis, T; Skedgel, C
Jan-2006Is verbatim transcription of interview data always necessary?Halcomb, E; Davidson, PM
Jan-2012Is water availability really the main environmental factor controlling the phenology of woody vegetation in the central Sahel?Seghieri, J; Carreau, J; Boulain, NP; de Rosnay, P; Arjounin, M; Timouk, F
1-Jan-2015Is Your House a Brothel? Prostitution Policy, Provision of Sex Services from Home, and the Maintenance of Respectable DomesticityPrior, J; Crofts, P
Jan-2004Isabel Flick: The many lives of an extraordinary Aboriginal womanGoodall, H; Flick, I
Jan-2006Ischemic Preconditioning Depends On Age And GenderTurcato, S; Turnbull, L; Wang, G; Honbo, N; Simpson, P; Karliner, J; Baker, AJ
Jan-2010ISDP: a new national tool for integrated water resource planningMcKibbin, JL; Inman, M; Turner, AJ; Australia Water Association, AWA
2016iSIM: An integrated design method for commercializing service innovationChew, EK
Jan-2005Islam, English and 9/11Karmani, S; Pennycook, AD
Jan-2002Islamic faith and attitudes towards the advertising of controversial productsFam, KS; Waller, DS; Erdogan, BZ; Shaw, R; Adam, S; McDonald, H
2010Island home country : subversive mourning : working with Aboriginal protocols in a documentary film about colonisation and growing up white in Tasmania. A cine-essay and exegesisThornley, J
Jan-2013The island monastery of Valaam in Finnish homeland tourism: Constructing a 'Thirdspace in the Russian BorderlandsMikula, MH
Jan-2013'Islands of possibility': Film-making, cultural practice, political action and the decolonization of Tasmanian historyThornley, J
Jan-2012ISO/IEC 15504 measurement applied to COBIT process maturityWalker, A; McBride, TM; Basson, G; Oakley, R
Jan-2013Isoelastic oligopolies under uncertaintyChiarella, C; Matsumoto, A; Szidarovszky, F
Jan-2001Isoflavones and Coumestrol in Soybeans and Soybean Products from Australia and IndonesiaHutabarat, LS; Greenfield, H; Mulholland, M
Jan-2011Isoforms Of The Heteropteran Nezara Viridula Ecdysone Receptor: Protein Characterisation, Rh5992 Insecticide Binding And Homology ModellingTohidi-Esfahani, D; Lawrence, M; Graham, L; Hannan, G; Simpson, AM; Hill, R