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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004An insight into Australian nurses' experience of withdrawal/withholding of treatment in the ICUHalcomb, E; Daly, J; Jackson, DE; Davidson, PM
Oct-2016Insight into biological phosphate recovery from sewage.Ye, Y; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Liu, Y; Zhang, X; Guo, J; Ni, B-J; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD
Jan-2013Insight into metabolic and cometabolic activities of autotrophic and heterotrophic microorganisms in the biodegradation of emerging trace organic contaminantsTran, NH; Urase, T; Ngo, H; Hu, J; Ong, SL
Jan-2008An Insight into Overconfidence in the Forecasting Abilities of Financial AdvisersVan de Venter, G; Michayluk, D
Nov-2014Insight into small RNA abundance and expression in high- and low-temperature stress response using deep sequencing in ArabidopsisBaev, V; Milev, I; Naydenov, M; Vachev, T; Apostolova, E; Mehterov, N; Gozmanva, M; Minkov, G; Sablok, G; Yahubyan, G
Jan-2009An Insight Into the Delivery of a Palliative Approach in Residential Aged Care : The General Practitioner PerspectivePhillips, JL; Davidson, PM; Willcock, S
Jan-2003An Insight into the Interplay between Culture, Conflict and Distance in Globally Distributed Requirements NegotiationsDamian, DE; Zowghi, D; Sprague Jr, RH
Jan-2005Insight Video: Toward Hierarchical Video Content Organization For Efficient Browsing, Summarization And RetrievalZhu, X; Elmagarmid, A; Xue, X; Wu, L; Catlin, A
13-Jul-2015Insights from using a subject specific Facebook group for student engagement and learningWilley, K; Meng, Q; Gardner, AP; Bowe, B
Jan-2011Insights Into A Multidrug Resistant Escherichia coli Pathogen Of The Globally Disseminated ST131 Lineage: Genome Analysis and Virulence MechanismsTotsika, M; Beatson, SA; Sarkar, S; Phan, M; Petty, N; Bachmann, N; Szubert, M; Sidjabat, H; Paterson, D; Upton, M; Schembri, MA
Jan-2010Insights Into Bacterial Genome Composition Through Variable Target GC Content ProfilingMann, S; Li, J; Chen, Y
2016insights into biochar properties and its cost analysisAhmed, MB; Zhou JL; Ngo HH; Guo W
Mar-2016Insights into Registered Nurses' professional values through the eyes of graduating students.Lyneham, J; Levett-Jones, T
4-Jul-2016Insights into the effective management of support groups for Aboriginal Australian women with substance use disordersLee, K; Dawson, A; Conigrave, K
Jan-2013Insights Into The Evolution Of Darwin's Finches From Comparative Analysis Of The Geospiza Magnirostris Genome SequenceRands, C; Darling, AE; Fujita, M; Kong, L; Webster, M; Clabaut, C; Emes, R; Heger, A; Meader, S; Hawkins, M; Eisen, M; Teiling, C; Affourtit, J; Boese, B; Grant, P; Grant, BR; Eisen, JA; Abzhanov, A; Ponting, C
Jan-2003Insights into the mechanisms of copper tolerance of a population of black-banded rainbowfish (Melanotaenia nigrans) (Richardson) exposed to mine leachate, using Cu-64/67Gale, SA; Smith, SV; Lim, RP; Jeffree, R; Petocz, P
Jan-2013Insights into the phylogeny and coding potential of microbial dark matterRinke, C; Schwientek, P; Sczyrba, A; Ivanova, N; Anderson, IJ; Cheng, J; Darling, AE; Malfatti, S; Swan, BK; Gies, EA; Dodsworth, JA; Hedlund, BP; Tsiamis, G; Sievert, SM; Liu, W; Eisen, JA; Hallam, SJ; Kyrpides, NC; Stepanauskas, R; Rubin, E; Hugenholtz, P; Woyke, T
Jan-2013Insights on Capitalism From OceaniaMcCormack, F; Barclay, K; McCormack, F; Barclay, K
Jan-2001Insoluble Organic Compounds in the Bayer ProcessSmeulders, D; Wilson, MA; Armstrong, L
Jan-2010Inspiration or infringement: the plagiarist in courtAlexander, IJ; Bently, L; Davis, J; Ginsburg, J