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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Heart Rate Regulation During Exercise with Various Loads: Identification and Nonlinear H infinity ControlCheng, TM; Savkin, AV; Celler, BG; Su, SW; Wang, L; Chung; Jin, M; Misra; Pradeep
Jan-2013Heart rate variability, blood pressure and cognitive function: Assessing age effectsGiblin, LB; de Leon, L; Smith, LM; Sztynda, T; Lal, S
Jan-2003Heart rate, blood lactate concentration and estimated energy expenditure in a semi-professional rugby league team during a match: a case studyCoutts, AJ; Reaburn, P; Abt, G
14-Sep-2010(the heart that has no love/pain/generosity is not a heart)Sivanesen, H
Jan-2012Heart to heart: a programme for children on a cardiac wardScarfe, G; Redshaw, S; Wilson, V; Dengler, KA
2009The heartbeat of the community : becoming a police chaplainBaker, MJR
Jan-2009Heat Loss and Evaporation Rate from an Agitated Water TankAlonso Martin, H; Revel, A; Huynh, P; Szmyd, JS; Spalek, J; Kowalewski, TA
Jan-2002Heat shock protein 70 is a virulence factor in murine Toxoplasma infection via immunomodulation of host nuclear factor kappa B and nitic oxideDobbin, CA; Smith, NC; Johnson, AM
Jan-2009Heat shock proteins: Keys to healthy ageing?Rodgers, K; Ford, J; Brunk, U
2007Heat transfer and thermally induced stresses in window glass coated with optically active nano-particlesChowdhury, HA
Jan-2006Heat transfer measurement of turbulent spots in a hypersonic blunt-body boundary layerFiala, A; Hillier, R; Mallinson, SG; Wijesinghe, H
Jan-2010Heated humidification versus heat and moisture exchangers for ventilated adults and childrenKelly, M; Gillies, D; Todd, DA; Lockwood, C
Jan-2007Heavy Load Simulation Model of Flyback Switching DC-DC Converters and Its Application for Reliability ImprovementChen, J; Guo, Y; Zhu, J; Jin, J; Nondahl, TA
-Heavy MetalDrummond, JR; Helyer, N
Jan-2002Heavy metal pathways and archives in biological tissueOrlic, I; Siegele, R; Menon, DD; Markich, SJ; Cohen, DD; Jeffree, R; McPhail, DC; Sarbutt, A; Stelcer, E
Jan-2013Heavy metal staining, a comparative assessment of gadolinium chloride and osmium tetroxide for inner ear labyrinthine contrast enhancement using X-ray microtomography.Wong, CC; Curthoys, IS; O'Leary, SJ; Jones, AS
Jan-2001Heavy metals in the tissues of common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) stranded on the Portuguese coastZhou, JL; Salvador, SM; Liu, YP; Sequeira, M
Jan-2007Heavy metals speciation in sediment accumulation within infiltration facility and evaluation of metal retention properties of underlying soilHossain, M; Furumai, H; Nakajima, F; Aryal, R
Jan-2007Hedging Diffusion Processes by Local Risk Minimization with Applications to Index TrackingColwell, D; El-Hassan, N; Kwon, O
Jan-2012Hedging for the long runHulley, H; Platen, E