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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2014Inspiring Pacific Women for Lifestyle Change: An Attempt to Halt the Spread of Chronic DiseasesSiefken, K; Schofield, G; Schulenkorf, N; Schulenkorf, N; Adair, D
5-Oct-2015Inspiring transformation: The art of positive futuresRiedy, CJ
Jan-2013Inspiroscope : Understanding participant experienceHughes, JM; NA
Jun-2015Instability in patient and nurse characteristics, unit complexity and patient and system outcomes.Duffield, CM; Roche, MA; Dimitrelis, S; Homer, C; Buchan, J
-Installation by TERROIRReinmuth, G; Balmforth, S; Blythe, R; Christopher Chapman
1-Jan-2016Installation Effect of Controlled Modulus Columns on Nearby Existing StructuresNguyen, HH; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B; Santos, R; Marix-Evans, M; Vincent, P
27-Jul-2016Installation Effect of Controlled Modulus Columns on Nearby Existing StructuresNguyen, H; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi; Santos, R; Marix- Evans, M; Vincent, P; El-Badawy, S; Cheng, DX; Arab, M
2014Instance-based and feature-based classification enhancement for short & sparse textsLong, G
Jan-2011Instant messaging in primary schoolsMaher, D; Kutais, BG
Jan-2004Instinctively collaborative: are women executives changing the cultures of senior management?Ross-Smith, AE; Chesterman, CJ; Peters, M; Elkin, G
1995Institute for International Studies Handbook - 1995University of Technology Sydney
1996Institute for International Studies Handbook - 1996University of Technology Sydney
1997Institute for International Studies Handbook - 1997University of Technology Sydney
1998Institute for International Studies Handbook - 1998University of Technology Sydney
1999Institute for International Studies Handbook - 1999University of Technology Sydney
2000Institute for International Studies Handbook - 2000University of Technology Sydney
2001Institute for International Studies Handbook - 2001University of Technology Sydney
2002Institute for International Studies Handbook - 2002University of Technology Sydney
2003Institute for International Studies Handbook - 2003University of Technology Sydney
2013Institute for Marine and Antarctic StudiesReinmuth, G; Balmforth, S; Blythe, R; Wardle Achitects, J