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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014A Fuzzy Social Network Analysis Method and a Case Study on Tianya Tourism Forum in ChinaLu, Z; Han, R; Du, W; Wu, D; Wen, Z; Li, T
Jan-2006Fuzzy tolerance multilevel approach for structural topology optimizationLuo, Z; Chen, L; Zhang, Y; Abdel-Malek, K
Jan-2001Fuzzy Topology Based On Residuated Lattice-Valued LogicYing, M
2013Fuzzy transfer learning for financial early warning systemBehbood, V
2014A fuzzy tree matching-based personalised e-learning recommender systemDianshuang Wu; Guangquan Zhang; Jie Lu
1-Dec-2015A Fuzzy Tree Matching-Based Personalized E-Learning Recommender SystemWu, D; Lu, J; Zhang, G
Jan-2013A Fuzzy Tree Similarity Based Recommendation Approach for Telecom ProductsWu, D; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Pedrycz, W; Reformat, MZ
Jan-2013A Fuzzy Tree Similarity Measure and Its Application in Telecom Product RecommendationWu, D; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Patrick Kellenberger
1-Dec-2013A fuzzy tri-level decision making algorithm and its application in supply chainZhang, Z; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Guo, C
Jan-2007Fuzzy Trust Evaluation and Credibility Development in Multi-Agent SystemsSchmidt, S; Steele, RJ; Dillon, TS; Chang, E
7-Nov-2016Fuzzy user-interest drift detection based recommender systemsZhang, Q; Wu, D; Zhang, G; Lu, J
24-Aug-2017A fuzzy virtual machine workload prediction method for cloud environmentsNaderpour, M; ramezani
2014A fuzzy VSM-based approach for semantic service retrievalChotipant, S; Hussain, FK; Dong, H; Hussain, OK; Loo, CK; Yap, KS; Wong, KW; Jin, ATB; Huang, K
Jan-2007Fuzzy wavelet packet based feature extraction method for multifunction myoelectric controlKhushaba, RN; Al-Jumaily, A
14-Aug-2017Fuzzy-Based Self-Tuning Model Predictive Direct Power Control of Grid-Connected Power ConvertersMahdavi, M; Aguilera, R; Li, L; Zhu, J
Jan-2007"Fuzzy-needs" based competitive sets: Structure and useBurke, S; Thyne, M; Deans, KR
Jan-2007A fuzzy-set approach to treat determinacy and consistency of linguistic terms in multi-criteria decision makingMa, J; Ruan, D; Xu, Y; Zhang, G
Jan-2008Fuzzy-set Decision Support for a Belgian Long-Term Sustainable Energy StrategyLaes, E; Meskens, G; Ruan, D; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Wu, F; D'haeseleer, W; Weiler, R; Ruan, D; Hardeman, F; Meer, KVD
Jan-2013Fuzzy-TLX: using fuzzy integrals for evaluating human mental workload with NASA-Task Load indeX in laboratory and field studies.Mouzé-Amady, M; Raufaste, E; Prade, H; Meyer, J-P
Jan-2015FXR expression is associated with dysregulated glucose and lipid levels in the offspring kidney induced by maternal obesity.Glastras, SJ; Wong, MG; Chen, H; Zhang, J; Zaky, A; Pollock, CA; Saad, S