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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Instrumental considerations and applications of elemental bio‚ÄźimagingLear, J
2-May-2017Instrumental: Performance and the Cumulative Potential of Distributed SitesDrake, CJ
13-Nov-2016An Instrumentation System for Smart Monitoring of Surface TemperatureThiyagarajan, K; kodagoda, S
Jan-2009Insular shifts and trade-offs in life-history traits in pond frogs in the Zhoushan Archipelago, ChinaWang, Y; Li, Y; Wu, Z; Murray, B
Jan-2006Insular shifts in body size of rice frogs in the Zhoushan Archipelago, ChinaWu, Z; Li, Y; Murray, B
2013The insulator to correlated metal phase transition in molybdenum oxidesGolestan, D; Gentle, A; Smith, G
Jan-2013Insulin trafficking in a glucose responsive engineered human liver cell line is regulated by the interaction of ATP-sensitive potassium channels and voltage- gated calcium channelsSimpson, AM; Swan, MA; Liu, GJ; Tao, CZ; O'Brien, B; Ch'ng, E; Castro, LM; Ting, HJ; Elgundi, Z; An, T; Lutherborrow, M; Torpy, FR; Martin, DK; Tuch, BE; Nicholson, GM; Molina, FM
Jan-2013The Insurance Industry Must Champion SustainabilityShea, MI; Hutchin, JW
Jan-2004Intangible Benefits of CMM-Based software process improvementHyde, K; Wilson, DN
30-May-2015Integral Admittance Shaping for Exoskeleton ControlNagarajan, U; Aguirre-Ollinger, G; Goswami, A
2016Integral admittance shaping: a unified framework for active exoskeleton controlNagarajan, U; Aguirre-Ollinger, G; Goswami, A
Jan-2008Integral Controller Design for Nonlinear Systems using Inverse Optimal ControlSu, SW; Nguyen, HT; Ha, QP; Wen, C
Jan-2004An integral ecology of commerce to avoid dystopiaMcGregor, IM; Elkin, G
2009An integral equation approach for analysis of control chartsAreepong, Y
2010Integral equation methods in change-point detection problemsMititelu, G
Jan-2008An integral extension of causal layered analysisRiedy, C
Jan-2010Integral trees of diameter 4Mohr, SH; Macdougall, J
Jan-2013Integrated aggregate supply chain planning using memetic algorithm - A performance analysis case studyFahimnia, B; Zanjirani Farahani, R; Sarkis, J
Jan-2015An integrated analysis of match-related fatigue in professional rugby leagueKempton, T; Sirotic, AC; Coutts, AJ
Jan-2009An integrated and coordinated approach to preventing recurrent coronary heart disease events in Australia: Policy statement from the Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation AssociationBriffa, T; Kinsman, L; Maiorana, A; Zecchin, R; Redfern, J; Davidson, PM; Paull, G; Nagle, A; Denniss, AR