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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Sep-2014Interplay among nocturnal activity, melatonin, corticosterone and performance in the invasive cane toad (Rhinella marinus)Jessop, TS; Dempster, T; Letnic, M; Webb, JK
2006The interplay of international law and domestic law: the case of Australia's efforts to protect whalesBlay, S; Bubna-Litic, K
Jan-2006The interplay of international law and domestic law: the case of Australia's efforts to protect whalesBlay, S; Bubna-Litic, K
19-Sep-2011Interpolation and extrapolation in conceptual spaces: A case study in the music domainSchockaert, S; Prade, H
1-Apr-2012Interpolation of fuzzy data: Analytical approach and overviewPerfilieva, I; Dubois, D; Prade, H; Esteva, F; Godo, L; Hodakova, P
Sep-2013Interpolative and extrapolative reasoning in propositional theories using qualitative knowledge about conceptual spacesSchockaert, S; Prade, H
1-Dec-2013Interpolative reasoning with default rulesSchockaert, S; Prade, H
Jan-2007Interpretation and Inference in Mixture Models: Simple MCMC WorksGeweke, J
Jan-2002Interpretation and marketing as management tools in national parks: insights from AustraliaArcher, DJ; Wearing, SL
Jan-2011Interpretation In Consultations With Immigrant Patients With Cancer: How Accurate Is It?Butow, P; Goldstein, D; Bell, M; Sze, M; Aldridge, LP; Abdo, S; Tanious, M; Dong, S; Iedema, RA; Vardy, J; Ashgari, R; Hui, R; Eisenbruch, M
2007The interpretation of cakesTegg, Allan
Jan-2009Interpretation of fast repetition rate (FRR) fluorescence: signatures of phytoplankton community structure versus physiological stateSuggett, DJ; Moore, CM; Hickman, AE; Geider, RJ
Jan-2007Interpretation of the modified soil-adjusted vegetation index isolines in red-NIR reflectance spaceJiang, Z; Huete, A; Liu, J; Qi, J
Jan-1993Interpretation of Vegetation Indices Derived from Multi-temporal SPOT ImagesQi, J; Huete, A; Moran, MS; Chehbouni, A; Jackson, RD
Jan-2003An 'interpretation opportunity spectrum': a new approach to the planning and provision of interpretation in protected areasWearing, SL; Archer, DJ; Braithwaite, RW; Braithwaite, RL
Jan-2002Interpretation-Appropriation: (Making) An example of Labour Process TheoryWray-Bliss, E
Jan-2003Interpretative claims and methodological warrant in small-number qualitative, longitudinal researchYates, LS
Jan-2005Interpreting Customary Rights Orders under the Foreshore and Seabed Act: The New Jurisdiction of the Maori Land CourtDorsett, SG; Godden, L
Jan-2004Interpreting privative clauses: Implications for taxation law?Fisher, RK
2013Interpreting Robot Pointing BehaviorWilliams, M-A; Abidi, S; Gaerdenfors, P; Wang, X; Kuipers, B; Johnston, B