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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Forecasting Asia Pacific Mobile Market Trends Using Regression AnalysisWu, L; Sandrasegaran, K; Yuan, Y
Jan-2001Forecasting Australian Unemployment RatesStevenson, MJ; Peat, M
Jan-2004Forecasting Australian unemployment rates using spectral analysisWilson, PJ; Perry, LJ
2016Forecasting bank leverage: An alternative to regulatory early warning modelsHambusch, G; Shaffer, S
Jan-2009Forecasting coal production until 2100Mohr, SH; Evans, G
Jan-2013Forecasting extreme performance: The experience with Australian equitiesAbidin, S; Bird, R; Yeung, DC
Jan-2002Forecasting Hong Kong House Prices: An Artificial Neural Network vs Log-linear Regression ApproachGe, J; Runeson, G; Lam, K; Sun, M; Aouad, G; Green, C; Omerod, M; Ruddock, L; Alexander, K
Jan-2004Forecasting Hong Kong Property Prices: Multiple Regression Method vs An Artificial Neural Network ApproachGe, J; Runeson, G; Lam, K; Chan, K; Poh, PSH; Mackenzie, AD; Katsanis, CJ
20-Feb-2015Forecasting hysteresis behaviours of magnetorheological elastomer base isolator utilizing a hybrid model based on support vector regression and improved particle swarm optimizationYu, Y; Li, Y; Li, J
Jan-2014Forecasting mortgage securitization risk under systematic risk and parameter uncertaintyRoesch, D; Scheule, H
1-Dec-2011Forecasting of optimum raw material inventory level using artificial neural networkAli, SM; Paul, SK; Azeem, A; Ahsan, K
2002Forecasting Peak Demand - what do we need to know?Day, D; Howe, C; Australian Water Association
Jan-2014Forecasting probabilities of default and loss rates given default in the presence of selectionRoesch, D; Scheule, H
Jan-2005Forecasting Short-term Listed Property ReturnsHiggins, DM
Jan-2011Forecasting Stock Markets Using Wavelet Transforms And Recurrent Neural Networks: An Integrated System Based On Artificial Bee Colony AlgorithmHsieh, T; Hsiao, H; Yeh, W
Jan-2004Forecasting the Growth of GSM Networks in Australia Using Regression AnalysisSandrasegaran, K; Pillay, K; Tsang, P; Wysocki, BJ; Wysocki, TA
Jan-2008Forecasting the Path of China's CO2 Emissions: Using Province Level InformationCarson, R; Sun, Y
Jan-2011Forecasting volatility in Asian stock markets: Contributions of local, regional, and global factorsWang, J
Jan-2017Forecasting with Micro Panels: The Case of Health Care CostsFiebig, DG; Johar, M