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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013For better, for worse? What to do when celebrity endorsement goes badCarrillat, F; d'Astous, A; Lazure, J
Jan-2006For management?Clegg, SR; Kornberger, MM; Carter, C; Rhodes, CH
2010For members and their guests : a history of clubland in New South Wales 1880-1980Cornwall, J
-For Mountain, Sand and SeaRees, M; Anderson, B
Aug-2016For the lifestyle and a love of creativity: Australian students’ motivations for studying journalismHanusch, F; Clifford, K; Davies, K; English, P; Fulton, J; Lindgren, M; O’Donnell, P; Price, J; Richards, I; Zion, L
Jan-2006Foraging behaviour and dispersion of eastern grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus) in an ideal free frameworkMaguire, G; Ramp, D; Coulson, G
Jan-2003Foraging by the mud snail, Ilyanassa obsoleta (Say), modulates spatial variation in benthic community structureKelaher, BP; Levinton, JS; Hoch, JM
31-Dec-2015Foraging strategies determine the effect of traffic noise on batsBonsen, G; Law, B; Ramp, D
Jan-2011Foraging, feeding and reproduction on silica substrate increases the toxicity of waterborne zinc to the estuarine epibenthic amphipod Melita plumulosaMann, RM; Hyne, RV; Ascheri, L
Jan-2006A Force field Method Based Multi Robot CollaborationLiu, D; Wang, D; Dissanayake, G; N/A
Jan-2005A Force Field Method for Robot NavigationWang, D; Liu, D; Wu, X; Tan, K; N/A
2002A Force for Urbanism and National Identity: Nineteenth Century Australian Exhibitions and their Domestic ExhibitsOrr, K; MacArthur, J. and Moulis, A.
Jan-2013Force from lipids: A multidisciplinary approach to study bacterial mechanosensitive ion channelsCranfield, CG; Kloda, A; Nomura, T; Petrov, E; Battle, A; Constantine, M; Martinac, B; Kamkin; Lozinsky
1-Jun-2017Force v displacement to measure impact attenuation performanceEager, D; Chapman, C
Jan-2012Force-directed Graph Visualization with Pre-positioning - Improving Convergence Time and Quality of LayoutHua, J; Huang, M; Huang, W; Wang, J; Nguyen, Q; Banissi, E
25-Feb-2011Forced and Servile Marriage: Anti-Slavery Project submission in response to the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department Discussion Paper.Burn, JM; Simmons, F
1-Jan-2010Forced Marriage and the Exoticization of Gendered Harms in United States Asylum LawMillbank, J; Dauvergne, C
Jan-2010Forced Marriage as a Harm in Domestic and International LawDauvergne, C; Millbank, J
Jan-2005Forced phase-locked response of a nonlinear system with time delay after Hopf bifurcationJi, J; Hansen, CH
Jan-2012Forecasting (aggregate) demand for US commercial air travelCarson, R; Cenesizoglu, T; Parker, R