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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jun-2016From ‘Latinidad’ to ‘Latinid@des’: Imagining the Twenty-first CenturyAllatson, P; González, JM
1-Jan-2015The front line of social capital creation - A natural experiment in symbolic interactionPatulny, R; Siminski, P; Mendolia, S
Jan-2009A Front-End for Collaborative Task Planning on the GridPhung, M; Hoang, DB; Lawrence, EM; McQuay, WK; Smari, WW
Jul-2011Front-line managers as boundary spanners: effects of span and time on nurse supervision satisfactionMeyer, RM; O'Brien-Pallas, L; Doran, D; Streiner, D; Ferguson-Pare, M; Duffield, CM
Jan-2004Front-loading, workplace learning and skill developmentHager, P
30-Oct-2017Frontiers in EducationGoldsmith, RJ; Willey, K; Covert, C
1-Dec-2014Fruit and vegetable consumption and risk of esophageal cancer: a case-control study in north-west ChinaTang, L; Lee, AH; Xu, F; Zhang, T; Lei, J; Binns, CW
Jan-2009An FSMC Model for the ACM Scheme with Repetition Coding in Mobile WiMAXNguyen, D; Vu, TX; Nguyen, TQ; Nguyen, NM; Nguyen, VM; Tran, VH; Tran, XT
Jan-2004FTIR of BiomoleculesStuart, BH; Meyers, RA
Jan-2001FTIR Study of the Thermal Degradation of poly(vinyl alcohol)Thomas, P; Guerbois, JL; Russell, GF; Briscoe, BJ
Jan-2011Fuji Xerox Australia Eco Manufacturing Centre: A case study in strategic sustainabilityBenn, SH; Dunphy, DC; Angus-Leppan, T; Benn, S; Dunphy, D; Perrott, B
2012A full free spectral range tuning of p-i-n doped gallium nitride microdisk cavityNiu, N; Liu, T; Aharonovich, I; Russell, K; Woolf, A; Sadler, T; El-Ella, H; Kappers, M; Oliver, R; Hu, E
Jan-2002Full Lifecycle Methodologies for Agent-Oriented Systems - The Extended Open Process FrameworkDebenham, JK; Henderson-Sellers, B; Giorgini, G; Lesperance, Y; Wagner, G; Yu, E
Jan-2012Full scale lateral behaviour of monopiles in granular marine soilsSadeghi Hokmabadi, A; Fakher, A; Fatahi, B
27-Nov-2015Full-face motorcycle helmet protection from facial impactsWhyte, T; Gibson, T; Milthorpe, B; Eager, D
1-Mar-2012Full-scale three-dimensional electromagnetic simulations of a terahertz folded-waveguide traveling-wave tube using ICEPICGensheimer, PD; Walker, CK; Ziolkowski, RW; Drouet D'Aubigny, C
2015‘The Fullness of Life’: The Poetics and Politics of Jack LindsayCranny-Francis, A
Jan-1998A Fully Animated Interactive System For Clustering And Navigating Huge GraphsHuang, M; Eades, PD
Jan-2014Fully Nonlinear versus Equivalent Linear Computation Method for Seismic Analysis of Midrise Buildings on Soft SoilsFatahi, B; Far, H
2015Fully quantum source compression with a quantum helperHsieh, M; Watanabe, S