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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Influence of organic shock loads on the production of N2O in denitrifying phosphorus removal processLi, C; Wang, T; Zheng, N; Zhang, J; Ngo, H; Guo, W; Liang, S
2016The influence of organisational culture and knowledge-sharing on business systems success : a case of Saudi Arabian firmsAlattas, Mohammed Ibrahim Ali
1997The influence of organisational culture, subculture, leadership style and job satisfaction on organisational commitmentLok, Peter
Jan-1990The Influence Of Ozone, Acid Mist And Soil Nutrient Status On Norway Spruce [Picea-Abies (L) Karst] .2. Photosynthesis, Dark Respiration And Soluble Carbohydrates Of Trees During Late AutumnBarnes, J; Eamus, D; Brown, KR
Jan-2012Influence of Parallel Paths on Current Regulated Sine-Wave Interior Permanent Magnet Machines with Rotor EccentricityBrown, I; Ionel, D; Dorrell, DG
Aug-2013The influence of perceived stress on the onset of arthritis in women: Findings from the australian longitudinal study on women's healthHarris, ML; Loxton, D; Sibbritt, D; Byles, J
Jan-2013The influence of personal characteristics on perioperative nurses' perceived competence: Implications for workforce planningGillespie, B; Hamlin, L; Polit, DF; Chaboyer, W
Jan-2007The influence of Phaeocystis globosa on microscale spatial patterns of chlorophyll a and bulk-phase seawater viscositySeuront, L; Lacheze, C; Doubell, MJ; Seymour, JR; Dongen-Vogels, VV; Newton, K; Alderkamp, AC; Mitchell, JG
Jan-2008Influence of phosphate and iron ions in selective uptake of arsenic species by water fern (Salvinia natans L.)Rahman, MA; Hasegawa, H; Ueda, K; Maki, T; Rahman, MA
Jan-2006The influence of physical and social distance upon remote economiesBarnwell, NS; Rose, E
Jan-2002Influence of physical characteristics of coralline turf on associated macrofaunal assemblagesKelaher, BP
Jan-2012Influence of Plantlet Age and Different Soilless Culture on Acclimatization of Stemona curtisii Hook.f.Palee, J; Dheeranupattana, S; Jatisatienr, A; Wangkarn, S; Mungkornasawakul, P; Pyne, SG; Ung, AT; Sastraruji, T
2016The influence of politics and culture on English language education in Japan during World War II and the occupationOhara, Mayumi
Jan-2001The Influence of Polymer Type Print Donor and Age on the Quality of Fingerprints Developed on Plastic Substrate Using Vacuum Metal DepositionJones, N; Mansour, D; Stoilovic, M; Lennard, CJ; Roux, CP
Jan-2006The influence of precarious employment on career development: the current situation in AustraliaConnell, JA; Burgess, J
Jan-1999The Influence Of Predawn Leaf Water Potential On Stomatal Responses To Atmospheric Water Content At Constant C-I And On Stem Hydraulic Conductance And Foliar Aba ConcentrationsThomas, DW; Eamus, D
Jan-2013The influence of rebate programs on the demand for water heaters: The case of New South WalesWasi, N; Carson, R
Jan-2004Influence of recruit condition on food competition and predation risk in a coral reef fishBooth, DJ; Beretta, G
Jan-2004The influence of religion on attitudes towards the advertising of controversial productsFam, KS; Waller, DS; Erdogan, BZ
Jan-2007The influence of resource specialization on the response of reef fish to coral disturbanceFeary, DA